December 7th, 2002

anime night

Earlier this week, Joe said “I fall half in love with everyone I know.”

I wouldn’t go that far, and i think it’s a bit of an exaggeration even for him, but i do understand what he means. I also have a lot of really good people in my life whom i am not at all in love with. And i am so not naming names on either side.

Word to Friday night cowboys in space with Marnie, followed by quality bonding time. We missed Lauren tonight. And i really like our RC, helped by the fact that she’s a Buffy and Firefly fan (but people need to stop being named Sara(h), among other names).

One of the postcards i bought a few weeks ago is a black-and-white photograph of two women resting their heads together, and tonight i put it up on my door. It’s sort of a simultaneously sad and comforting picture, i dunno, i like it.

Okay, bed now. Hopefully after some sleep i will be more motivated to actually do some of all this schoolwork.
i do it for the joy it brings

Word to J.C. Penney

So after having told my mother last night "yeah, not spending any money ever again sounds pretty good" what did i go out and do this afternoon? I went shopping at Hampshire Mall. I now own 2 pairs of black jeans, a pair of grey sweatpants, a blue sweatshirt, 5 pairs of white socks and a black polar fleece set (gloves, headband, and scarf). I saved $34.02 in total. That says frightening things about how much i must have spent, huh? But i've been wanting a sweatsuit for a while, as well as black jeans (and it's so hard to find jeans that fit). And in this weather gloves are a necessity, and every time i do laundry i seem to lose another sock. So it's all important stuff.
you think you know...

Winter Weekend isn’t horrible.

I’m so not a house cocktail party person. Really not a party person at all. Last year Rebecca and i went to a play or something and came back after the party was over. Rebecca grabbed some leftover cake and went up to her room and i stayed with Layna and Becky and Kim (i hope i’m remembering the right names) while the Social Chairs cleaned up.

This year i went down around 7:15 (it went from 7-9) and ended up staying for 2 hours because Layna wanted me to stay so i spent quality/quantity time with her. :) And i was there for all of Groove’s performance, which was cool.

And i now have a gold-colored plastic toothpick with a star on top.

And i love my new black Lee jeans and my high-heeled boots which are inappropriate for walking in real terrain or any sort of slick surface like, say, floors, but which look snazzy and are comfortable anyway.

Tomorrow i will do real schoolwork. Yes. Right. Yeah. (I did actually did do some work today, just not much. Really must get act together tomorrow. Want to remember to go to church as well as to Vespers. And i think laundry might be in order, what with all the new clothes. I have lots of black under my fingernails and all over the tips of my fingers, and i suspect it may be from my new jeans, though i’m not really sure how that would have happened.)