December 9th, 2002

i fight fire with words

Jesus Has Two Mommies (

I was recently reminded of Faith Solloway’s “shlock opera” Jesus Has Two Mommies which i saw with my mom last year. This year the show was yesterday so i couldn’t have gone, but i’m still kinda sad that i missed it since it says she added new stuff to the show this year. Turns out there’s a video available of last year’s production. Is so tempting to purchase copies for people. Especially given that a conservative Christian group organized a protest of it. Hard to believe someone actually thought Faith was presenting her show as the “real” story of the Bible. Sigh.

Finished listening to War of the Worlds tonight. Have assorted thoughts on it which wouldn’t really make sense to anyone who hasn’t heard the radio play, so i won’t bother posting them.
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The paint fumes here may make me ill.

Okay, so i almost brought Dune to work today, but given that it's a Monday afternoon i figured there would be no lack of stuff to do and that would be one less thing to carry around. Besides, i would really only be working for 3 hours because there's a staff holiday party at 4.

So i get in and no one's here. Suzannah and Ann and Alicia, all not here. Suzannah's the director, Ann's her assistant, and Alicia is under Ann. Alicia is a part-timer and works until 1. Usually she's still finishing stuff up until sometimes as late as 1:30, though. So anyway, i come in and there's no one to give me any marching orders. I do the little bit of filing that there is to do and then Suzannah comes back from lunch and tells me that Ann is out sick, though she may be back later this afternoon, and Alicia went home sick. So i'm just chilling up here at the front desk. People rarely call and there are no assignments for me to do. I think i may seek out some fanfic.
i fight fire with words

I don't know where to start for good fanfic, but thanks to my dad i know a lot of good blogs.

from a reader symposium on straight males' loathing of gay males...

one reader:
Personally I appreciate a gay man finding me attractive more than a woman. I only date the women, but let's face it, gay men have much higher standards when it comes to a man's looks. So I know I'm really looking good if I can catch a gay man's eye.

another reader:
In any case, when a gay man finds them [homophobic straight males] attractive, it says to them: "You're doing it wrong." What oh what is it that he's doing that signalled the fag? What could he have done that was so queer-looking? Couple the perceived repudiation of his heterosexyness with the natural discomfort that accompanies unwanted attention/attaction from anyone, and you have fightin' words.

I've had a couple of gay guys look my way, and I had no problem with it. I felt basically the same way that I have about certain females who had a one-sided interest in me. In other words, Thanks but No Thanks. But that's just me. I'm well educated, introspective, and slow to anger.
i fight fire with words

blog-hopping (also known as spamming LJ when i have nothing to do at work)

from InstaPundit:
WATCH OUT, CORNERITES -- Reason's new group blog, Hit and Run, is up and running. Learn why David Geffen is a loser, why Kurt Vonnegut is an idiot, and why H.L. Mencken was a libertarian, among many other things.

posted at 05:22 AM by Glenn Reynolds

The KV entry wasn't as good as i'd expected, though not bad, and the comments are interesting.

In looking for it, though, i found this:
Scooby-Doo: View Two

Jacob, I hate to disagree with your review of the live-action Scooby-Doo, especially since, while I've seen the movie, I haven't listened to it. (I was on an airplane, and I didn't feel like shelling out for the earphones.) I saw enough, though, to discern that the film apparently takes place in some alternate Scoobyverse where Fred is a moron and Velma is better-looking than Daphne.

This may, of course, be an improvement.

Posted by Jesse Walker at 01:25 PM

I still have no desire to see the live-action Scooby Doo movie, but word, Velma was always the coolest. [And in pulling it up on IMDB, i saw that a sequel is due out in 2 years. Ew. And who knew?]

And Volokh has lots of stuff on a recent 9th Circuit ruling on the 2nd Amendment. Because really, it is all about the guns.
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damn straight

from my horoscope today:

"If you analyze your life, you will see that it has completely changed over the past twelve months.... You have matured as an individual"
anime night

Now there is this uncomfortable anxious ball in my gut.

This woman called. I've taken her call once before, and according to her she has called 4 times before. She wanted to talk to someone besides Margi because Margi hasn't returned her calls. I said she could speak to Martha (they work in the same department). Martha was walking by and thought i was talking to a different person whom she was expecting a call from. She said Margi was at her desk. Margi said she wouldn't take the call because she was very busy but would i take the woman's name and number and she would call her back tomorrow. So then i continued to deal with the woman for about 5 minutes. I should have said Margi was "unavailable" rather than "busy," but whatcanyado. Afterward i saw Margi and she said the woman is just very difficult and won't take no for an answer (not sure how this squares with the woman's assertion that Margi hasn't returned her calls). She apparently wants to bring a group of 30 for a guided tour the weekend we reopen (i didn't catch the "guided" part when i was talking to the woman). Sigh. I did my best to deal with the woman, who was "dubious" that Margi would return her call. She asked if there was anyone else she could speak to besides Margi or Martha and i said i honestly didn't know as i had only started to work here a few months ago. I did as good a job of appeasement as i could. The woman seemed appreciative of the fact that i at least took her call and spoke with her. She asked for my name, which i gave, saying i was a student assistant here. I know i did the best i could but stuff like this where there's really nothing i can do but there's still this desire/expectation on the part of the caller for me to somehow deal with it and fix it just throw me and stress me.
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stupid college alcohol policy

I'm fairly certain the staff holiday party was going to be in the conference room on my floor, but due to the paint fumes they moved it upstairs. Because there's alcohol being served (Ann Mayo tried to talk the staff out of it) underage students can't go. So Allegra said she would bring me food. Adding to the reasons i'm a big fan of her.

[edit before anyone asks...

The Smith College policy is that if you are serving alcohol and underage students are present, you must have a bartender and an ID checker -- and both must have gone through training. This also means those overage (of age?) get to wear those bright plastic bracelets.]
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"Lady Madonna, children at your feet. Wonder how you manage to make ends meet."

Allegra very nicely brought me down some of everything because she didn't know what i wanted. They had nice snowflake-patterned paper plates and cups. When she gave me my food she said "All they had was seltzer water. I think they all wanna get really drunk. There is so much alcohol up there." Getting drunk with your coworkers at 4pm on a Monday, in somebody's upstairs office, seems very strange to me, but whatever. Then after work i came home and hung out with our RC in her suite until dinner, which i hadn't realized was Mexican night. Yay for corn and rice (seriously -- lunch today was french fries and cucumbers).

Remaining tonight i have a last meeting with my Soc group at 7:30, finishing up figuring out my part of my poetry presentation, and finally actually doing my Linguistics assignment. Then after dinner tomorrow i can start freaking out about the two 5-page papers due Friday i haven't started. [edit: except that i'm going to hear James Tate read at Stoddard at 7:30. good thing i write all this stuff down 'cause i'd never remember anything otherwise.]
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