December 10th, 2002

you think you know...

I just spent nearly 4 hours in Layna's room and have yet to start my Linguistics assignment.

But hanging out with Layna is always goodness. We're just really really comfortable with each other. And apparently i am this wonderful influence on her. She cleans her room anytime anyone comes into it, but tonight she was super-clean-productive 'cause i was there. She also says i am peaceful. A while ago she said i was like tea and i meant to post that 'cause i thought it was such a wonderful simile. Like tea, and cookies. Like Friday afternoon tea. Not the bad teas, but like making faceboards while watching The Princess Bride at the first tea of the school year.
you think you know...

My life is on my computer.

It is 3:45 on a Tuesday morning. I am listening to mp3s on my computer, working on a Linguistics assignment systematically analyzing the speech act of complimenting, and IMing with a friend at another college who is telling me why he likes Catcher in the Rye more than Emma, while more mp3s download in the background.
you think you know...

kicking ass and taking names

Finished my Linguistics assignment and think i did it quite well. Will now do the final brushing up for my poetry presentation before laying down for a nice 3 hours of sleep in preparation for my uber-day.

And again with the harassment. Who's gonna be here over J-term? I plan on coming back the weekend of Jan. 11/12 and wanna hang out with people.
you think you know...

"I am woman. I am invincible. I am tired."

Well not really all that tired since i fell asleep in both my morning classes (whatcanyado) which was seriously so not a problem.

The poetry presentation went really well. Jackie Kay’s “The Adoption Papers” is divided up into three sections, but the first section is much longer than either of the other two, so that meant that not only was i at a disadvantage because i was going first, but i had to pick and choose the best parts to talk about because there obviously wasn’t time to talk about my entire section. I had thought it would be really difficult to get people to talk because the poems are all pretty straightforward and besides, it’s the end of the semester. But i did a fairly good job, and throughout the whole time people talked and we took up the whole hour and twenty minutes and could have easily gone on.

Unsurprisingly, my Soc presentation went fine. Then at Bodywise we had root beer floats and yoga. Oh, and lilithchilde is a super sweetie.

The James Tate reading was... interesting. He has some very good lines, and the occasional whole poem was good. I now want to read more of his work to decide whether he really is as stunning a poet as he is made out to be, but i don’t think he gives very good poetry readings at all.

Ellen Watson announced the two Smithies who will be representing Smith in the 5-College student poetry reading next semester, and one of them is Allegra, the girl i know from work, who was sitting in front of me. Yayness. She was so not expecting it. She was there with her brother Christopher and introduced us. We shook hands and i said “nice to meet you” and he said “pleasure” in this suave way. He looks grungy and i’m so uninterested, but i’ve never had someone suavely say “pleasure” when shaking my hand. Also, Allegra and i should hang out over J-term.

My two boys have started posting in LiveJournal again. This makes me happy. Not that i expect it to last, but that’s okay.

This post = words of wisdom for the end of the semester.

English Department end of semester party this Thursday, 4-6. Jessie says “It will be fun. There will be food and snazzy decor. Costume contest with prizes. Free love flowing like mad.” Joan, we should go. You too, lilithchilde. [And no, i don’t actually know where it’s being held, but i’ll find out soon.]

Smith one-acts in Hallie Flanagan at 8pm, free, this Wednesday and Thursday. I think i’m going on Wednesday although i still haven’t decided for sure.

I downloaded lots of Christine Lavin tonight. Many of my favorite songs. I had forgotten just how funny she can be. (And yes, i will certainly send mp3s to anyone who wants, because it is all about sharing good music.)

I still haven’t started the two 5-page papers i have due Friday. This is bad. I need to stress just a wee bit about all this work i have so i actually do it. Hmm, should i go to bed now so i’m wide awake all day tomorrow, or should i start working on one of the Friday papers? Okay, the answer is that i’m going to look up James Tate poems online and hopefully go to bed around midnightish. Sigh. At least i’m honest.