December 13th, 2002

you think you know...

Thursday was a good day.

If you don't know why i'm not available, you obviously haven't been paying enough attention.
-my away message for most of Thursday (the last day of classes this semester)

I participated in my myth class. In my Linguistics class we watched a video on dialects (Boston represent!). After lunch at the post office i got free low-quality hot chocolate and a yearbook, and my mail included a paycheck and a Christmas card from my parents. In my two post-lunch classes we had sugary goodness. I learned that Jessica in my Modern British Poetry class who is hardcore and brilliant and whom i was somewhat awed/intimidated by and thought was a senior is only a sophomore and seems willing to hang out with me over J-term. I successfully recited “The Second Coming.” In Soc class i chatted with Sam from Hampshire. I really should have gotten her phone number because she’s very nice and intelligent and thoughtful and it would be cool to hang out sometime.

Allie came to the English Department party at my urging, for which i am very happy. She didn’t realize there was a costume contest, somehow missed my numerous mentions of it in here. (Yes honey, i know you said you skim everyone’s; i’m just teasing. Besides, given the insane amount of posting i was doing recently, i expect most everyone’s been skimming.) I wasn’t in costume either, though, just dressed nice ‘cause i felt like looking classy but couldn’t come up with anyone to be. Anyway, we hung out with Jessica a lot and saw Jessie and various other people i know. I’m used to being the person at the social gathering who doesn’t know anyone, so it was kinda weird being all comfortable and social while the person i was with did the awkward I-don’t-know-anyone thing. (You did have a good time, though, right? I really hope so.) Then she came to my house and i had some real food (although i had lots of hummus and pita bread at the party, so i wasn’t totally malnourished) and then we hung out in my room before she had to go to her evening class. Yayness.

Today’s papers? Milton redux. I have never had so little motivation or focus in my life. The papers are too short and are just bad papers, but i have an exam in each class and a solid B or better as a current grade, so as long as i can force myself to really study i should be fine. I’m just really relieved to have them done. Two down, two to go. The next seven days are gonna be pretty much nonstop, what with papers and exams and work and everything. But one week from tomorrow i am home. Praise be.

"Me, I'm unreliable, I've got evil hand issues and I'm bored with this crap."
-my current away message
i do it for the joy it brings

I love my life sometimes.

At work today this guy came in and i asked him if i could help him because that is what i am supposed to do to people who walk by the desk but don't look like they really belong here. He looked fairly young, in nice casual clothes, carrying some folders full of papers. He looked a bit surprised, like he hadn't been expecting to be stopped and have to explain himself. "I'm here to check out the screens for the Art Department in your basement. Mind if I let myself down there?" he said, or something like that he said. "Oh yeah, that's fine," i said, feeling a little foolish even though of course i had only been doing my job. "I'm sorry, i thought you were a student or something." He looked down at himself and then said, "Cool!" like i had just paid him a compliment. I squee-ed inside. Love when things work out so nicely.

favorite LiveJournal post in a while (first paragraph)

In other news, is Friday the 13th and looks like Firefly may be cancelled. (so far, and Zap2it)
anime night

“they've got implants to put in, they've got implants to remove”

Today i was wearing a white sweater. At lunch, Layna said i looked like a snowflake. I thought that was lovely. Then she said i really looked more like a pile of snow. “Honey, i think you should have stuck with ‘snowflake.’ ” Her explanation was that it was like that pile of snow when you’ve been shoveling for a really long time and you really should shovel it but you just want to fall into it, so you do. And then she tipped over and flopped onto my shoulder. I heart Layna.

After dinner we went to the student photography show on the second floor of the Art Library. Yay for beauty. And also for free chocolate and picking up a copy of Labrys, the literary magazine some people from my ENG 120 (Reading & Writing Short Poems) class last fall put together this fall.

On our way over there i mentioned the Eric Carle Museum. Layna and i have to go over to Hampshire to visit it some time next semester. She hasn’t been on the Hampshire campus. I told my story about frolicking there with Joan one night while waiting for a bus and she said that was one of her favorite LiveJournal entries of mine.

My boots are possibly the noisiest shoes in existence. At least when one is walking on asphalt in an almost empty campus. Echoing. Walking back from the show Layna said it sounded like horses and she liked it. I’m glad. I love that so many random things i say or do or whatever bring her joy and turn into things of beauty.

On our way up the stairs we passed Alison and Mariel and Alison informed that i was a vampire in her dream last night, but when i had long hair, “it was very strange.”

And the last bit of beauty for this post is thanks to antheia thanks to quotes:

I would like to be the air
that inhabits you for a moment
only. I would like to be that unnoticed
and that necessary

-from “Variation on the Word Sleep” by Margaret Atwood
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