December 16th, 2002

hermione by oatmilk

I have been off of AIM all day.

You are impressed, and look around for other signs of the coming Apocalypse.

I would probably get even more accomplished if i pulled out my Ethernet cord, but we all know that’s not happening. But yes, there is evidence that i am perhaps regaining my capability to be a competent student. (But in roughly four days i will be done for a good while, which is exhilarating.)

Last night i stayed up late reading my Linguistics book, slept through my alarm (i must have turned it off in my sleep) so i missed church, and did errands at CVS including getting passport photos (16 for $8.39, thanks Annie). I also printed out a passport application form. Yay for more paperwork over break. Am really tempted to purchase Jesus Has Two Mommies on video since i know so many people who would love to see it.

I did actual amounts of schoolwork today. My 5-page mythology paper -- due Monday -- is fairly good and 4¼ quarter pages. My 5-page Linguistics book report is a little over 3 pages, most of which is summary, which i think is much too much, and i’m not sure how to answer some of the questions given the book i have. I’ll have to talk to Joan when she gets back from NYC. [reminder: NYC-ers should go to the Gotham Comedy Club this Monday -- 8:30pm, $10 -- and see the SIKOS, Smith’s fab improv group] Good thing this isn’t due until Friday. And eek, i wanna take my Modern British Poetry exam on Tuesday but i haven’t even started studying yet. I don’t think i’ll need more than 2 hours to study for that, though. The Romantics exam is really the intimidating one.

Today i bumped into so many people i rarely see. Reading period is nice in that we’re not rushing to classes or exams or anything. On the downside, no one has anything to talk about except all the work they have to do, and no one wants to talk about that.

I was realizing tonight how much i am going to miss some of the people i’m used to seeing if not every day then at least with some frequency. (Allie darling, when are you gonna be on campus this week? You should stop by my house for some “real food” or a hug or something.)

But there she was this morning getting fitted for her wings
Leather boots, magenta hair, and saying nasty things
I'd say she was an angel but it's stupid and it's obvious
I said you'll hate it here 'cause we're the only ones like us
It's crypto-fascist mania, it's silicon deliria
Yeah, she said, you're right, but I like the cafeteria

“You know what would be cool? if God had purple hair. I'd totally dig that.”

an item from a wishlist:
A Greek chorus. You may think that having a cadre of men in drapey dresses following you about and explaining your motives to those around you would get a bit irritating and possibly intrusive, but I'm thinking it'll make life so much emotionally simpler. If noisier and slightly cramped.
and one from the previous year’s version:
Two big bags, with dollar signs on them, filled with cold hard cash. Also, soft warm cash. Really, dollars of any temperature and consistency, they are welcomed.

I sang with all my might And she said Tell me are you a Christian child? And I said Mam I am tonight

A friend of mine was talking about feeling like what we do in our classes here has no importance in the grand scheme of things, we’re not actually doing anything to improve the world by just going to class and writing papers and all, and how frustrating that is. I wish i had some insightful and inspiring response. All there is to say it seems is that it’s important for us to educate ourselves and that while we are here we can do our best to make a difference by getting involved in activities/organizations which do make a difference. And also the ever popular answer that you are making a difference by being such a wonderful person and improving the lives of so many people here. I love you, dear. Did you see my mom’s comment on a post of mine a few entries back? She said: “There is no more sacred gift than to simply be in a way that heals.”

Have been listening to Dar Williams.

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