December 18th, 2002

you think you know...

"We can talk about disaster and admire the scenery"

Can you know someone so well after only a year or so, talk to them so much (and read each others' LiveJournal) that you run out of things to talk about? I suppose it's partly because it's finals time so no one has much of anything interesting going on in their lives to talk about. But still, this is weird. To sit in each other's company with nothing to say. And of course we’re bad at the "Lemme think of what i don't know about you that i would like to know."

And i don't feel like we know each other amazingly well, not like say my best friend in high school whom i had known since kindergarten. (How important is it to know someone's history? i wonder. I mean, it's interesting, but i wonder how important it is to understand a person, to "know" a person.) We don't have the shared history, but we're pretty up-to-date with the day-to-day (thanks to LiveJournal and living in the same house thereby seeing each other frequently). And i'm sure there's plenty about our personalities, belief systems, whatever, that we don't know about each other, but it's weird to have to ask, to think "what would be interesting/useful/informative/whatever to know about this person?"

And then i wonder how much of this is just true of friendships in general, how you know the surface daily stuff, but you don't learn the other stuff except when it comes up, so shared history is important that way, in that it is only as your shared history develops that you learn these things.
angry - books

Have i mentioned recently how much more enjoyable it is to chat with people than it is to do work?

Because it is.

The current plan is to finish Romantics studying tonight, take the 9am exam, finish my Linguistics paper, then at 4:30 go play with little kids because that is what i do (most) Thursdays. Then Friday morning i will do most of my packing, and at 1 i will go to work for 4 hours. (Today at work, Ann Musser said "Don't you have exams?" and when i told Nan i would be back on Friday she said "You're here until the bitter end, huh?") Then dinner and veg time, and 2-hour original unaired Firefly pilot 8-10pm. And 9am Saturday my uncle comes to take me home.

Many thanks to Joan for her help. And in case i haven't mentioned it, i love lilithchilde, laynamarya, and tranceballerina, among others.

(Also, randomly, i now own various mp3s of "We Didn't Go To Harvard".)
you think you know...

"We didn't go to Harvard / No we don't like Crimson and we didn't get in"

Have you ever thought about how much other people's opinions of you affect your opinions of them? How you're much more inclined to like a person if that person is nice to you or praises your work or something, and you're much more inclined to dislike a person if that person avoids talking to you or whatever. And then this works to some degree by extension, that you don't like people who hurt your loved ones but if people are good to and appreciative of your loved ones, well then they obviously have good taste and character and you're much more inclined to like them.