December 24th, 2002

anime night

in which i babble about the holiday season, or something

I have not gotten so much as an e-card for anyone, from my mother to my professors. Nor do i plan to. I am cheap and lazy, but i also never know what to get people. And as i told my mother around Thanksgiving, we could eliminate all the holidays and i would be totally okay with that. If you wanna be thankful or honor those who died in war or whatever, do it whenever you feel like it. It means so much more that way, when you’re doing it because you’re moved to, not because you feel obligated to. So yes, i do nice things for people i care about throughout the year and am trying to do it more, but i am not feeling guilty about not getting gifts for anyone for Christmas. And look, this is me refraining from ranting about consumerism and secularization and all.

However, inspired by Secret Slasha and because i really should write more, plus having too much to do seems to be how i operate, i’m volunteering to write Whedonverse smut (het or slash) for anyone (including people not on my friendslist) who wants. I make no guarantees about quality and reserve the right to refuse to write anything i don’t feel up for, but at the moment anyway i’m psyched.

Also, hugs to athene, tranceballerina, and anyone else who needs/wants them.