December 25th, 2002

anime night

"Blessed Solstice."

My mother and i were greeters at the Christmas Eve service tonight, and at one point i told my mother i was tempted to say that to people. (I’m sure this was aided by the fact that, thanks to offbalance, i had Dar’s “The Christians and the Pagans” stuck in my head. *grin*)

During the sermon, the pastor said something he says at every Christmas Eve service: “If Christmas doesn’t... warm your heart, blah blah blah... then you know that something inside you has died.” This year i shook my head and leaned over and whispered to my mother, “No. It means something’s wrong with Christmas, not with your soul.”

One bit i did like was about not “spending” or even “observing” Christmas, but “keeping” it... “so that we may be kept in its hope.”

And almost the second i signed on to AIM tonight, quasisonic wished me happy holidays (seconded by offbalance). :) (And then later sexonastick did as well.) So let me extend wishes for a peaceful and joyous holiday season and new year to everyone.
anime night

Nothing like drowning in gifts to make me feel generous.

My family knows i love Buffy. I got Reading the Vampire Slayer and Slayer (though i really want Fighting the Forces), as well as the 2003 Spike calendar, and my brother got me the Buffy soundtrack. I also got the 2 snow Revelling/Reckoning posters and Escher’s “Reptiles”. Yay for more posters for my dorm room. And lots of sweets and other nice things, and as always a few items which will be passed on to more appreciative recipients. Oh, and my mom’s been knitting Hugs, which are rather like rainbow shawls, the idea being that you can wrap yourself up in them and it’s like getting a hug. Anyway, she made me one, with some strands of funky almost neon multicolored yarn mixed in, because i’m u-ni-q. :) I will definitely be showing off when i get back to school.

So now i’m all drunk on gifts and wanna get stuff for the people i love, though of course i still don’t know what to get anyone. (See, this is me finally getting into the Christmas spirit. And oatmilk, your story’s almost done. tranceballerina, i’m still working on yours.)

Most of the family friends we used to visit in nursing homes have died, but we did go see Bob Murray (96 and still lucid) and apparently made his Christmas, chatting about the good ole days at church and pulling up childhood memories. And in the evening we went to visit Ginny and Larry and their new dog. (And it finally started snowing right when we left to go over there. Oh, New England weather. It was supposed to be nice soft flakes all day, not heavy wet snow after sunset. Am hoping the roads are not treacherous tomorrow since i have to go to work.)

Linnea came over around dinner time.

Dear Barbara, Elizabeth, Roger, and George,

In honor of you this Christmas, Linnea has donated four baby blankets in your names to a local agency for families. In this season of giving, it seems so appropriate to give a gift that will continue to provide warmth and comfort to a little one long after the holidays are over. We are delighted to pass on this gift in honor of your family.

Wishing you a joyful and meaningful Christmas,

The Missions Committee
Pilgrim Church
Sherborn, Massachusetts

Her son got engaged last night, so we were talking about weddings and stuff. I had thought bridesmaids dresses were purchased by the bride because damned if i wanna spend a hundred dollars or whatever on a dress just to be in someone else’s wedding. This whole idea of giving gifts to your attendants was also wholly foreign to me, though my mom said, “If you offer to pay for your bridesmaids’ dresses, they’ll be incredibly grateful and you won’t need to purchase gifts.” I’m just so not tuned in to all this fancy expensive wedding stuff. Mine’s gonna be such a simple affair. With whatever “non-traditional spouse-like object” i end up with. :) (And we’re not even gonna talk about diamond rings.) At one point Linnea mentioned something, i forget what, and i told my mom to smack me if i ever started getting like that. “Okay,” she said. And then i added, “And i get to smack you if you ever start pressing for grandchildren.” (That has gotta be one of my least favorite things from mothers of children of marriageable age.) “Okay,” she said, “I’ll just start passing adoption notices your way.” Aw, my mommy knows me. :)

One of the gifts my mom got was Fantasia 2000, so we watched that tonight, but i must have seen it sometime before because i totally remembered all the pieces. Is still good, though. I love the Noah’s Ark and the yo-yo flamingo. My mom and i agree that The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is our least favorite piece from the original, though, and yet it’s most people’s favorite.

Okay, there ends the story of my Christmas Day.