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January 2003 - hermionesviolin
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by hermionesviolin:

02:14 pm: I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions, but
03:07 pm: The First
03:18 pm: here's a horoscope i can get behind

06:00 pm: education-related rants - 3 comments
06:05 pm: Whedonweb - 5 comments

04:51 pm: I have never watched so much football in my life.
05:56 pm: and now, an entry of merit
08:52 pm: I think i've been chanelling Stargirl. - 1 comment

08:15 pm: “If you’re going to miss something, miss Gandhi. At least he was nice.” - 5 comments

12:12 am: Bernadette Peters is the hottest thing on two legs. - 3 comments
10:39 pm: what are vacations for if not the moving pictures - 7 comments

06:40 pm: Life is good.

09:11 pm: Yes, i’m back. - 2 comments

11:39 pm: all kinds of social - 1 comment

01:15 am: My body hasn't wanted to fall asleep before about 2am for probably a week now. - 1 comment
11:52 am: scholastic rawk! - 8 comments
11:46 pm: "Anyone who isn't impressed with you probably isn't worth your precious time."

01:44 pm: Sometimes my life is just SO good.
07:17 pm: the closing of the Oscar Wilde Bookshop (on Christopher St. in NYC)
09:09 pm: more reasons to love Hampshire
11:22 pm: "I'd say she was an angel but it's stupid and it's obvious" - 5 comments

09:20 am: "Hands" by Jewel - 1 comment

10:27 pm: "I want you to burn this Judas of a body. I've spent enough of my life lying down." - 1 comment

10:21 pm: for you organizing types - 2 comments

12:49 am: "a life uncommon..." - 11 comments
02:57 am: mmm... brain full... must sleep...
11:50 am: It SNOWED this morning!
01:44 pm: GIP!

01:03 pm: My house opened for lunch today!
01:27 pm: Hmm. - 1 comment
05:42 pm: "Homeland Insecurities" -- civil liberties conference at Smith - 2 comments
11:05 pm: You know you love that i’m a big stalker.
11:11 pm: Tell me again why Saddam is a good person and we shouldn’t war on him? - 4 comments
11:16 pm: Interesting article on cloning.
11:21 pm: Love Takes The Best of You (Catie Curtis) - 2 comments

04:53 pm: "you gotta be kidding me
05:34 pm: "Don't you forget about me..."
06:14 pm: I have to say, i really love saava’s “There’s No Crying in Baseball” mix. - 1 comment
06:16 pm: oatmilk says i "so" need a new joy icon.
10:18 pm: "As far as evil plans go, it doesn't suck." - 5 comments
10:27 pm: "Why can't I feel? My skin should crack and peel...."
10:54 pm: Also,

02:47 pm: “what doesn’t bend breaks...”
06:12 pm: I could have sworn it had to be right around freezing to snow. - 3 comments
10:26 pm: snow update
10:51 pm: One less errand!
11:00 pm: Makes you feel downright warm here, no? - 2 comments

01:29 pm: Praise be.
09:29 pm: Ria and Sarah OD'ed on ResLife training.
09:32 pm: We are all so on crack. - 1 comment
10:53 pm: thanks to stumbledhere

12:49 pm: Sara's dry-erase board says: - 3 comments
10:34 pm: from an article on Salma Hayek in The Advocate

11:54 am: from "God of Grace and God of Glory"
05:09 pm: Is snowing out, and sticking. Pretty.
06:12 pm: favorite snippet from the afternoon - 7 comments
06:17 pm: Look at my pretty campus in the winter.
07:15 pm: from the Rosie O'Donnell interview in The Advocate (Jan. 21, 2003)

10:37 am: Happy Birthday to my mother!

10:13 pm: Honestly, i thought he did a good job. - 6 comments
10:57 pm: I wonder if i could move to a convent somewhere.

12:20 am: I'm going to bed now.
10:41 am: GIP
05:10 pm: I am so employable.
05:42 pm: I would just like to say - 2 comments

01:38 am: I have good people, yo. - 1 comment
12:44 pm: Layna got this song stuck in my head.
11:29 pm: "My heart's filled with thunderstorms and I'm ready to burst" - 1 comment

09:28 am: Good news! - 1 comment
10:38 am: "Love is not a victory march. It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah..."
06:05 pm: "Not the livestock!" - 10 comments
09:37 pm: I love Marnie.
11:10 pm: The first week of classes is over. - 5 comments
11:20 pm: Yay for Del! - 3 comments