January 13th, 2003

anime night

My body hasn't wanted to fall asleep before about 2am for probably a week now.

I was lying in bed with "his name is Jason, he lives..." stuck in my head, so i got up and looked it up. Oh how i love Puddle Dive.

I've been on a downloading binge recently. My mad Bernadette Peters downloading (and how fabulous is "Making Love Alone," by the way) has led me to also download more songs from Into the Woods as well as songs from Les Misérables and from the 1997 Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

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i do it for the joy it brings

scholastic rawk!

CLS 227 Classical Mythology B+
ENG 263 Romantic Poetry and Prose B+
ENG 269 Modern British Poetry A-
PHI 236 Linguistic Structures B+
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology A

Semester GPA: 3.52
Cumulative GPA: 3.30
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    very impressed with myself
you think you know...

"Anyone who isn't impressed with you probably isn't worth your precious time."

Monday brings a different set of challenges. While you're no longer in weekend wonderland, you can use some of its magic to get you through this phase.

if obsessing were a sport, I'd have an endorsement deal
-Sharon (a sentiment i seconded)

So after having told Sharon that it’s really frustrating that i continue to crush on someone even when i no longer even like her (I don’t so much actively dislike her as i’m just “I barely know you, and i can’t think of anything i actually like about you and you never talk to me which of course makes me dislike you, and yet...”) i later helped Sara take the last of her stuff off her wall/door and take it up to her new room on the third floor. I mentioned that we have to watch the Matrix sometime (something that came up ages ago) and that i never see her. She loves the Matrix and has it on DVD and she said we definitely should once her computer is up again; she also said last semester was the most insane semester she’s ever had and that’s largely why she was never around. So now i’m all about making it a point to hang out with her and get to be friends with her. Have bits of Into the Woods running though my head. “Are you certain what you wish is what you want?” “You have to take the journey. Into the woods And down the dell, In vain perhaps, But who can tell?” I think what i want is to hang out with her. Maybe i’ll find out i don’t really want to be friends with her, or maybe i’ll learn that i really don’t much like her. I don’t know. But i want to find out. And i know i will regret it if i don’t try. And making the effort to get to know people is something i really wanna work on in general anyway. And are you actually still reading this? Wow.

Do I love you because you're beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?

Finally talked to Joe.

VelmasLizard: Hey, dear. I've missed you.
JoeyD341: I've missed you as well!
VelmasLizard: Aw, you're a sweetie. (Though the acerbic answer is: way to show it, never calling and all, but i know you've been having a fab time with Marc and Elena and Ashley.)
JoeyD341: ::sigh::
VelmasLizard: *pats*
JoeyD341: so how was your break
JoeyD341: and I apologize for never getting into contact with you
VelmasLizard: Quite nice. I meant to call you and make you hang out with me, but i never got around to it, so obviously i wasn't dying of loss or anything. I worked at the library a fair amount and watched lots of Black Adder. Am glad to be back at Smith though. Yay for interterm, wherein i can be back at Smith but without real work. *insert obligatory plug for a visit to Northampton*
JoeyD341: heh
JoeyD341: beautiful

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Now all i need is for Terry to call and my life will be complete.

athene and i are hanging out this Friday and going to Haven tomorrow night. Yayness. And i may visit marginaliana in the Rare Book Room since i want to go read Mrs. Dalloway anyway and normal copies are unavailable. My socialness astounds. Hopefully i’ll have time to call Jessica and Allegra sometime during interterm. It’s amazing how much stuff comes up to fill my time.

And can’t forget to mention: got my hair cut today. (Yay $10 cuts at Bucci.) Is cute, in that mature sort of way. *grin* Will take some getting used to, of course.