January 22nd, 2003

you think you know...

"you gotta be kidding me

i'm through with you girl anyway
i'll wait for you i always do
it's dumb but i want to anyway"

We made three different pasta sauces today. Yumminess. I love that we get to spend so much of the time just hanging out talking (since really, what else can one do when stuff is cooking and doesn't need attending to?). Is a good group of people. I know going to the conference instead of the last 2 days of this class is the right decision, but today made me sad that i couldn't do both. And Emma is seriously cute. I'm beginning to think there's something about last year's Italian group.

"As far as evil plans go, it doesn't suck."

That line wasn't right, but otherwise the writing was solid. And big with the continuity -- both plot and characterwise. The lack of that has been driving me buggy with Buffy. Unlike some people, however, i am unashamed of my abiding love for the show. Yes, this needs to be its last season, but i will not be ashamed of having loved any of it, and i will watch any other show Joss makes, because i am a kept woman like that. I'm not up for detailed commentary on either of this week's episodes, but i'm pleased with the way Angel is going and have hope for Buffy (as saava pointed out, this episode last year was Doublemeat Palace).

"Why can't I feel? My skin should crack and peel...."

It looks like i have a rash on my hands because i never bother to put gloves on, merely hiding my hands in my perpetual sweatshirt. Honestly, the cold mostly doesn't bother me, though recently even i've noticed. This afternoon i checked the weather and it said it was 9 degrees but felt like negative 9. The temps look so much worse in Celsius.

[edited to add that Furu just walked by and i heard her tell someone that there has been an advisory out, today and yesterday, to not be outside for more than half an hour because you'll get frostbite]

Dude, Peter Gabriel has a song called "Walk Through the Fire"? Collapse )


Joe said:

"I'm glad the world isn't really like Showgirls....well....it would be nice if there were more poles and choreographed dances."

I have to make him watch the Buffy musical at some point.