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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Friday, January 24th, 2003

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Praise be.
Is now comfortable to be outside.

(Is actually only in the teens, apparently. I would have guessed low 20s.)
Ria and Sarah OD'ed on ResLife training.
My favorite snippet of tonight's dinner conversation:

Ria to Furu: Using "I" statements... I feel like you don't love me.
Furu: Sometimes, I feel like that's true.

[She was kidding, btw.]
We are all so on crack.
Larn-who-was-in-Madrid-learning-Flamenco-over-January and Liz-who-was-in-Australia-last-semester both came back to here yesterday and were mad giddy at dinner.

Ria and Crystal and i and a bunch of other people hung out in Crystal's room for ages after dinner. That "bunch of other people" included, for a while, Susan, a junior transfer moving into Crystal's old room who seems really cool. Furu's also getting a new roommate; Randy Shannon called her i think yesterday and was like "Your new roommate is at Public Safety getting her keys and is coming right over." I had heard that you got to approve anyone they tried to put in your open double, but certainly one would think they would give you advance notice at least. Obviously they don't, though, 'cause Sophie wouldn't have known that Crystal was moving into her room if Ria hadn't told her, and Elizabeth has been away and doesn't know she has a roommate. Anyway, more people wanna move out of this house or transfer out of Smith entirely. Is even worse than my class last year. What up?

Reagan (sp?) said "Maine's like Arkansas, only up north, and with lobsters."

Ria-the-new-HCA wants to do a house trip to the MFA this semester. That would be awesome. Apparently a whole slew of people in the house she already knows for sure would love to go. It occurred to me that i have never paid for admission to the MFA in my life. So tonight i looked it up and admission is $13 for college students. Yay funding for school trips, no? (Bummer that some of the galleries are closed, though. Damn renovations.) When i went to NYC over the summer i actually didn't like Met all that much and prefered the MFA, but i admittedly have grown up with the MFA. Ria's from NYC and she said she finds the Met impersonal. She recommended the Whitney.

Apparently Ria didn't hear anything about us not being supposed to go out on the roof in training; we're just not supposed to have parties out there.

I mentioned something about Layna and Ria said just wait until she got back and then i'd be all giddy like Liz and Lauren. Word, yo. *grin* I literally leapt up when i saw Marnie. At one point while she was hanging out in the room she said something like "It's good to be home." So true.
thanks to stumbledhere
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