January 26th, 2003

you think you know...

Is snowing out, and sticking. Pretty.

Had Buffyfest with trijinx, happymartian, Jessica, and a couple of Meredith's friends. Was fun. My guess is that it's the 8th time i've seen the musical episode, but this was the first time i actually sang along out loud. Fun. So now i have the soundtrack on (the copy Ally burned for me last year, with all the dialogue bits). I want Layna to be back. Okay, off to brave Smith food.
i fight fire with words

favorite snippet from the afternoon

Either Jessica or Meredith (i forget), referring to Giles: Hottest librarian ever.
Meredith, to me: You're sort of a librarian. You could give Giles a run for his money. (pause) Though given my orientation, I would go with Giles.

I'm flattered regardless.
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    "Standing in the Way" - Giles in OMWF
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you think you know...

from the Rosie O'Donnell interview in The Advocate (Jan. 21, 2003)

All I know is that children are a blessing, always. And our job is to make them walk through life "with the grace of having once been cherished." That's a line I stole from Anne Rice. I realized, that is what we need to do to our children---chreish them. Chlidren, to me, are the biggest lesson and gift you can get about yourself.
I like that quote, giving children the gift of "the grace of having once been cherished." That's definitely one of the wonderful gifts my parents have given me. [Incidentally, anyone know where that quote is from exactly? Google turned up nothing.]

And i love the directness of her first meeting with Madonna:
She came into A League of Their Own, and everybody was so nervous when she arrived. I had seen Truth or Dare two days before---totally by chance. The first thing I said to her was: "My mother died when I was a kid, and I too am named after her. And on her gravestone is my name, and I saw your movie yesterday." And that was it. And there was no bullshit from that moment on.