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February 2003 - hermionesviolin
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by hermionesviolin:

01:03 am: There is a thin layer of snow covering everything outside.
02:09 pm: Someone needs a proofreader.
02:23 pm: "Elizabeth, you eat very oddly." - 1 comment
03:43 pm: I'm so not all about the conspiracy theories regarding the Columbia.
09:41 pm: Grr. Argh.

01:10 am: Sometimes life is out to make me feel better.
04:10 pm: Hooray!
06:12 pm: Layna says people like polls. - 1 comment
08:24 pm: fortified - 3 comments
11:11 pm: "Maybe you were never quite the princess everybody was afraid you'd be"

09:35 pm: I’m over this.

12:53 am: I really liked the Edwina Gately chapter of my Women Mystics reading tonight. - 1 comment
09:09 pm: "The Killer in Me" - 1 comment

06:24 pm: The world and i, we are in love. - 1 comment
08:34 pm: I nearly spewed!

01:15 am: Britta made it snow (again)! - 1 comment
02:05 am: Good night, world.
05:59 pm: So, it snowed, a lot.
06:52 pm: I love my dad.
07:54 pm: "you need a lot of love and compassion... welcome to the freakshow, here we go"

04:52 pm: Sarah Newby is my new favorite person. - 4 comments
05:06 pm: I think too much. - 8 comments

05:20 pm: The snow always makes me happy.
06:38 pm: Food also makes me happy.
08:25 pm: I went to my meeting and the snow was so glittery.
10:04 pm: Yay for my former roommate!

12:29 am: bell hooks - 4 comments
02:19 pm: wheat from chaff
02:32 pm: Dorothy Day on Peter Maurin
03:22 pm: I beat the EvilFaxMachineOfDoom!
06:50 pm: I really should be reading The Bostonians instead of the Jolt. - 1 comment
07:28 pm: So i finished The Long Loneliness.
10:09 pm: Oh. My. Fucking. God. - 1 comment

07:07 pm: "I'm always charmed by raffish conmen." - 2 comments
10:45 pm: What kind of crap is this? - 4 comments

12:15 am: thanks to antheia for this interesting link
02:31 am: It's strange, how many lights are on. - 1 comment
12:43 pm: Happy V-Day to me.
07:45 pm: between Ani DiFranco and Melissa Etheridge/Ferrick
08:27 pm: Blocked my second person on AIM today. - 2 comments
09:21 pm: MASH before bed on Valentine's Day. - 1 comment

04:34 pm: "i always feel i have to take a stand & there's always someone onhand to hate me for standing there" - 2 comments
04:53 pm: or i could just quote song lyrics...
07:03 pm: It's a defense mechanism, no?
08:56 pm: Wow, that sounded like thunder outside. - 3 comments
10:30 pm: I love my people. - 3 comments
10:58 pm: I love when people apologize.

12:00 am: This is Smith. We don't do holidays. - 1 comment
10:01 am: Yes i do feel the need to post everytime Britta makes it snow.
12:38 pm: Apparently we do do blizzards, however.
02:46 pm: plans - 2 comments
03:11 pm: I love Andrew Sullivan.
05:52 pm: There is this unusual pink light outside.
06:37 pm: spamming for the enemy or something - 4 comments
07:49 pm: The Bostonians Book Second = finished
09:37 pm: To quote she who is the big 2-1 this day of the Flood/Blizzard...
09:56 pm: oh Joe Millionaire
10:06 pm: "i am getting nowhere with [this] and i can't let it go and i can't get through" - 2 comments
10:28 pm: So there's this Sociology of Crime exam scheduled for the end of my full day of classes tomorrow.... - 2 comments

12:26 pm: "There is no good or bad. Only misinformation." - 1 comment
03:45 pm: Well, it's snowing again.
10:26 pm: early to bed - 1 comment

02:16 pm: I heart dead people's mail.

10:50 pm: LiveJournal is back! Glory be.
10:51 pm: I love my friends. - 1 comment
10:59 pm: Rally Day sometimes tries too hard, but generally it’s really good.
11:00 pm: I really like Gabrielle Bossis’s conversations with Christ - 2 comments

06:59 pm: This is my life, my brilliant career.
07:01 pm: Serendipity is wonderful sometimes.
07:12 pm: I heart rhipowered's away message.

01:21 am: events step in
02:06 am: I heart my boy.
05:02 pm: "You wanna have like ten thousand of his babies." - 6 comments

01:09 am: I have issues. - 11 comments
01:21 am: Who doesn't like bulleted lists? - 2 comments
01:29 am: "The key element? Coffee makers that think." - 1 comment
11:10 am: Love feels like being wrapped up in soft flannel sheets. - 1 comment
01:16 pm: I want new music. - 3 comments

01:35 am: "Well, you mend your clothes and patch your roof and slivers of God's shattered truth grow tender.."
01:44 am: in which our lady proves she is capable of studiousness after all - 1 comment
06:36 pm: It's snowing again. :) - 7 comments

02:27 am: One of these days i will go to bed before 2am. - 1 comment
07:34 pm: More on Iraq
09:15 pm: I feel cranky about a number of things, but i’m not dwelling. - 1 comment

11:14 pm: My mother is beautiful and sent this to me. - 3 comments