February 1st, 2003

angry - books

Someone needs a proofreader.


Paragraph 11:

``We do have a debris field,'' the city manager of Nacogches, Victoria Lafollet, told Reuters. ``It is scattered all throughout Nacogdoches.''

[emphasis mine]

Paragraph 22:

Faustine Skinner, who lives in Nacodoches, said she was lying in bed when she heard ``a horrible explosion.'' She figured it was thunder until she realized that the sun was out. ``Then I knew it couldn't be thunder,'' she said. ``I kept thinking, this has got to be something that has happened.''

[emphasis mine]

(Incidentally, "Nacogdoches" is correct. This sounds familiar. Were we [near] there on the last cross-country trip, Daddy?)
you think you know...

"Elizabeth, you eat very oddly."

(DeeDee, to me, at brunch, as i was pulling apart my unsliced untoasted bagel and eating it.)

Layna and i finally got to watch Hedwig with Marnie today. Not my favorite movie, but definitely good. Am downloading "Origin of Love."

"He [Jesus] died for your sins."
"So did Hitler." [says the East German mother]

The thing to do seems to be to post mourning the Columbia crew. I find it interesting which tragedies people latch on to.
evil hand

Grr. Argh.

So i installed WinAmp and then my computer froze up and after i restarted it, it told me my hardware device manager was not configured properly or something and it wanted to search for hardware, which it didn't find, and now my computer is stuck at 16 color, 640x480 pixel, resolution and i can't change it and i don't know how to fix it. So i left a message on silvermousepad's voicemail and hopefully she can come over tomorrow and fix it.

I know i named my computer Anyanka, but really, what did i ever do to you? (Yes, i'm talking to my computer via my LJ -- bite me.) Why can't you please be nice to me?

Also, i'm still sick. Just a bad cold (runny nose, coughing and sneezing, occasional headaches) so it's really no big deal, but while i'm in a bad mood i thought it bore mentioning.