February 7th, 2003

i do it for the joy it brings

Good night, world.

Incomplete list of things that made me happy recently.

Saw my friend Laura from Russian class and gave her my screenname. Perhaps we shall be in touch.

Kerry is so cute. She’s a senior who lives at the other end of my hall, who delights in my Free Hugs sign. She said later in the semester she’s gonna be drunk and wander to my room “I’m lonely... Hug me,” which of course i thought would be fabulous. She said she’s surprised people don’t do that already.

Chatted with Marnie for a while before Angel. I love that girl so much and definitely don’t get to see enough of her.

“Meaningful conversation” with Jessie (and Sylvia and Alyson). We really must do this more often.

After a lovely 3 hours at Morris House (which i found successfully and without difficulty), i caught the end of Meghan Toohey at Jittery’s and got myself some food because i had definitely not had enough to eat. Saw Allie there. I love that she feels comfortable helping herself to my food without asking. No really, i mean it.

I have made $60 so far selling last semester’s books on half.com since i put them up a month ago.

And of course, the snow.
anime night

So, it snowed, a lot.

This always makes me happy. And seeing the trees with snow all on them is so beautiful. Because i was in a good mood to begin with, the snow didn't cause quite the ecstasy it usually does, but that's okay. I'm a big fan of this lingering good mood for no particular reason thing. I got mail from my dad -- lots of financial stuff, including my last paycheck from break, and MY PASSPORT (and we did indeed get my birth certificate back, no worries). I sent out my Oxford app this morning (and am now convinced i won't get in; but that is neither here nor there) and sent in my voter registration earlier this week. I am a valued employee and there are actually some intelligent and thoughtful people in my Women's Studies class (Amy and i should hang out sometime). Life is good.

"you need a lot of love and compassion... welcome to the freakshow, here we go"

I felt good and all washed clean of sin for the first time


“All right, then, I’ll go to hell”

-Huck Finn
I nearly cried at that bit, even though i’m quite familiar with the scene.

I don’t remember hating Tom Sawyer this much at the end of the book the first time i read it.

Michael referred to Tom as a psychopath, someone who can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Then he amended it and said perhaps he can and just doesn’t care, which makes him even more dangerous.

This weekend will be taken up mostly with reading, and i think there will be growly entries about current events and hypocrisy and other such good things. Ah, the happy was good while it lasted, and the snow still brings me joy, and fun will be had this weekend.

In other news, i had been “mostly better” for 3 days straight, but today i think my lingering cold is finally letting go.