February 12th, 2003

i fight fire with words

wheat from chaff

The thing that must survive you is not just the record of your practice, but the principles that are the basis of your practice.

(Bernice Johnson Reagan, "Coalition Politics: Turning the Century," 1981)
i fight fire with words

Dorothy Day on Peter Maurin

Peter made you feel a sense of his mission as soon as you met him. He did not begin by tearing down, or by painting so intense a picture of misery and injustice that you burned to change the world. Instead, he aroused in you a sense of your own capacities for work, for accomplishment. He made you feel that you and all men had great and generous hearts with which to love God. If you once recognized this fact in yourself you would expect and find it in others. "The art of human contacts," Peter called it happily. But it was seeing Christ in others, loving the Christ you saw in others. Greater than this, it was having faith in the Christ in others without being able to see Him. Blessed is he that believes without seeing.

(The Long Loneliness, p. 171)
angry - books

I really should be reading The Bostonians instead of the Jolt.


College is about the fucking education (and potentially alumnae/i connections as well) and really, Smith has some damn fine edumucation to offer.

Financial aid from the government is available to many who need it, and one of the advantages of going to prestigious schools is that they have prestigious alums who leave large endowments, so you can often minimize the amount of loans you take out. Also, need i bitch about people who need their entire lives to pay off their loans because they’re not financially responsible? I am amazed at how many people order takeout, rent movies, etc. and then complain about their tuition bills. Then people graduate and have this high standard of living so of course with all these expenses they’re not gonna be able to pay more than the minimum on their student loans, whereas if they kept their standard of living down (roommates, carpooling, not going out to eat, etc.) they could pay off their loans much more quickly. I’m not even gonna start on adults who max out credit cards.

The extreme conservative bias in this piece does not help the author either. << “simply foolish ideas (e.g., men and women are essentially the same; Islamic and Christian fundamentalists are moral equivalents)” >> There are valid arguments to be made about lots of issues involving higher education, but if you appear to have an extreme bent (to either side) i’m not gonna be terribly inclined to respect your arguments.

Smith is surely one of the more liberal of the liberal arts colleges, but a complaint is that the English department focuses too heavily on pre-Civil War literature, that mostly we just study British writers, basically that we get the Dead White Male canon. Some professors will tell you that Shakespeare was gay, sure, but there’s hardly a pervasion of post-modern nihilistic thought.
you think you know...

So i finished The Long Loneliness.

I wanted to start a farming commune called Tower of Ivory, one of the titles of the Blessed Virgin in the litany dedicated to her.
-p. 245

Is it pride, presumption, to think I have the spiritual capacity to use spiritual weapons in the face of the most gigantic tyranny the world has ever seen?
-pp. 272-273

We cannot love God unless we love each other, and to love we must know each other. We know Him in the breaking of bread, and we know each other in the breaking of bread, and we are not alone any more. Heaven is a banquet and life is a banquet, too, even with a crust, where there is companionship
-p. 285