February 14th, 2003

anime night

It's strange, how many lights are on.

I don't expect anyone else in my house is out of their room at this hour, yet all the lights are on -- halls, common areas, stairwells, bathrooms. I understand certainly, but at my house at home the house was pitch black except for the bathroom light once everyone was in bed. It's also kinda sad to think how very much energy all this electricity is using up,
hermione by oatmilk

Happy V-Day to me.

So when i went to the post office this morning there were two packages waiting for me as well as a card from my grandma (who insists on sending me money) and a Hershey's kiss and hug from the class cabinet. One package was from my mommy and the other was my copy of my former roommate’s CD. Rawk! Y’all should come to the CD release party.
hermione by oatmilk

between Ani DiFranco and Melissa Etheridge/Ferrick

Just finished listening to my former-roomie’s CD for the first time. A lot of the songs are new, which is weird. I remember when she wrote “for you;” i remember listening to it in our room late at night. It’s strange to hear it recorded, coming out of my computer speakers. Listening to “to blame,” though, i think i think of all her songs as being in our room slash echoing in the stairwell. Listening to “better off”... wow, it’s weird listening to a song and knowing the story behind it.

I actually did work for all three hours i was at the office today. “Reading dead people’s mail,” as Jessica-whom-i-just-can’t-quite-call-SweetieGirl-even-though-she-is would say. I really did feel like i was working in an archive. We want to invite major donors to the grand reopening, but some of them are dead, so we want to invite their next of kin. I went through files, pulled other files, Googled, and made great use of Bigfoot. Ann thought Michael (Michael Goodison the archivist, not Michael Thurston the adorable English professor) might have more information, but everytime i asked him he came up with less than i had found. I felt bad, asking him to do work for Ann that ended up being useless, but it was also cool to know that i’m doing my job well. And it’s becoming common for people to voice appreciation at my efficient, conscientious, etc. work. And there are times i know things other people don’t. Not my favorite job ever, but honestly, i like it, and i like the people.

We watched Pillow Talk at tea. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie.

Meh. Tonight is going to be early to bed.
angry - books

Blocked my second person on AIM today.

Remember last summer when shady older men IMed me 'cause of the AOL profile i made when i was in high school?

Well my current AIM name is all over the place, so i've started getting IMs from random girls. The first was okay, but we had nothing to talk about and i tired of conversation with her and i hate being like, "um, i don't feel like talking to you right now." The second was tonight.

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