February 18th, 2003

anime night

"There is no good or bad. Only misinformation."

Has it been so long that we have forgotten how to deal with snow here people?

When i went to bed at 12:30 it was not snowing, so i assumed classes would be still on. When i got up at 6:30 the view from my window looked well plowed -- roads, sidewalks, everything. The INFO line was down, though. Apparently administration wasn't opening until 10am, so Public Safety inferred that 9am classes would be cancelled. They weren't sure, though, and given that classes start at 8 and when i checked my e-mail at 10 of 8 there was no mass e-mail saying classes were cancelled, i assumed it was a normal day (unless your individual professor cancelled class). So at quarter to 9 i set off to my class in Seelye 304. Along the way i learned there were some amusing spots that hadn't been fully cleared -- like my side of the JMG crossing. And then there was a guy still shovelling the steps of Seelye. This is why you call a delayed opening, people: so you can adequately clear off all surfaces on which people travel. But obviously it's much for fun to let us freak out with contradictory information and inferences on the Jolt. Le sigh.
anime night

Well, it's snowing again.

Yesterday, people were saying we were gonna get 2 feet of snow and it was gonna keep snowing until 8pm tonight. If this snow keeps up they'll be less wrong. ;)

I finished my Soc exam in about a half an hour and think i pulled something better than an 80. Yay for good grades even when one's studying consists of about 2 hours max, scattered throughout the day of the exam.

And okay, so Joe and i rarely talk anymore because we're both so busy and all, but we IMed a bit the other night, and after a while i was kinda snippy 'cause he was so obviously not focused on our conversation. So when i came back to my room just now, i had the following waiting for me:

JoeyD341: I hope you had a wonderful day - I'm sorry for neglecting you the other night - you know how I tend to wander away both physically and mentally. Hope to catch up soon :-)
ps - have fun with buffy :-)
Auto response from VelmasLizard: the rest of my day:
Am. Lit. class, last minute studying, Soc. exam, Bodywise meeting, Women Mystics dinner at Duckett, and then perhaps some breathing room before Buffy!
you think you know...

early to bed

I love that now when people have amusing AIM conversations at me they feel the need to mention if they don't want said convo posted (at least with their name attached).

Had dinner at Duckett with my Women Mystics class. First time in a long time that i didn't want to get up to get more food because there were so many interesting conversations going on. And Sarah came in just after my long Buffy talk. :P Cordelia mentioned that there's a lot of interesting stuff done with religion and ethics in the first few seasons in particular. I am so finding and copying articles on that to give to Ms. Carr. O:) She asked each of us how we came to come to Smith, and it was really nice to be surrounded by people who really loved being here. You've got to be able to criticize what you love, but sometimes it seems like everyone hates this place, and hearing lots of people say how much they love it here is really nice.

As far as providing a solid episode, Mutant Enemy "got it done" ;) tonight. Definitely some flaws, but i will be posting in detail tomorrow.