February 21st, 2003

anime night

This is my life, my brilliant career.

I feel like Britta had that as an away message once, but i have no idea where it’s from.

I spent most of my 3 hour shift today entering names into a database. 442 after i’d deleted the duplicates. I spent a large portion of my shift on Wednesday leaving messages on people’s answering machines.

Tea is where i watch movies i would never see on my own. Shakespeare in Love was very meh. Joseph Fiennes in lipstick is disturbing and Gwyneth Paltrow has small breasts. Loved the Twelfth Night references, because that play does rock. And at the end, Viola: What co -- i’m such a dork that i knew the rest of the line, and the next one.

Going to Mya’s CD release party tonight (7:30, Hopkins House living room) by myself because really, that’s what i do.

Why am i so tired recently?