February 22nd, 2003

anime night

events step in

I was going to go, really i was. By myself, because that is what i do. (And because i couldn't drag anyone else with me.)

But at 7:20 Lauren showed up in my room with pictures from Spain. Fate conspires. Crystal stopped by, and then Annie. Eventually Crystal had to go write a paper (she had forgotten to hand it in today, so we allowed her to do work on a Friday night) but after chilling in my room for ages (no one ever chills in my room) we headed out to Herrell's. Damn, i forgot how much real ice cream costs. I got a medium cup of peanut butter ice cream with hot fudge. Ice cream plus hot fudge equals drip, but thankfully napkins exists, so i didn't make too much of a mess. After eating we went to Pleasant Street Video and eventually back to the house. Lauren had promised Liz that she would stop by the breakdancing party at Davis, so while Annie went to bed (it was nearing 11) i went with Lauren. We ended up staying until it ended at 1, barely stopping dancing. We just danced to the hip-hop music, with each other, with people we knew. Even when the break-dancing guys showed up we couldn't see them for the crowd, so instead of watching we kept dancing ourselves. I barely ever go dancing, so i felt like i didn't know what i was doing, but of course the key is to just dance and not worry about it. You've got to let your body move to the music Lauren said i have rhythm, and she actually dances, so she knows. And i did get into the just moving to the music, not worrying about whether i was doing it "right" and i really had fun. I surprise myself sometimes.

I heart my boy.

JoeyD341: hello
VelmasLizard: Hey. Thank you for your IM of some days ago. I heart you. Have been madbusy, hence the lack of reply IM-age.
JoeyD341: I understand
JoeyD341: and so when I see you on at 1:30
JoeyD341: I have to im you
JoeyD341: because I doubt you're doing work
JoeyD341: or on the way out
JoeyD341: heh
VelmasLizard: :-) You're fabulous.
VelmasLizard: Would you believe i was out dancing for 2 hours after a mellow evening with some friends? 'Cause normally i wouldn't believe it myself. I never go out dancing.
JoeyD341: haha
JoeyD341: that's awesome
JoeyD341: I'm taking time to catch up on friends' live journals
VelmasLizard: :-) That takes up a large portion of my free time every day. I'm such an addict.
JoeyD341: I feel as though I've fallen out of the loop with you :-(
VelmasLizard: Well, you have. I'm glad that fact gets a sad face, though. I miss you.
JoeyD341: I miss you too
VelmasLizard: *hug*
anime night

"You wanna have like ten thousand of his babies."

In Am. Lit. class on Thursday we talked about the scene at Memorial Hall and Michael said “Harvard” with a Southern accent. Silently i thought,“No, you have to say ‘Hahvid’ [stereotypical Boston accent].” I know he was just doing it from Basil’s perspective, but it was still weird.

Michael, talking about the United States post-Civil War: “A union in which one party is unhappy -- it’s a lot like marriage actually.” And then, we were talking about the difference between comedies and tragedies, and in Shakespeare anyway, comedies always end with a marriage, usually more than one. Michael maintains that “Comedies were written by the unmarried.” I find this dynamic really interesting. He has 3 young daughters (and as SweetieGirl and i know, the acknowledgments or whatever in his book give his love to 4 females) and there’s a wide band gold ring on his left ring finger that might well be a wedding ring, but whenever he talks about marriage (and this was true in the class i had with him last semester as well) he’s very bitter. Yes, this is me caring way too much about the details of other people’s lives.

We were to write a paragraph of how we would have ended The Bostonians, and some people read theirs aloud at the end of class. Collapse )

Michael’s made me think, for the first time, “I wanna have 9 million of your babies.” Almost verbatim, this is his: Olive and Verena go to Europe to consummate their obvious love. They open a salon [he said in a French accent], attracting the best and the brightest. They help Gertrude Stein come out and meet Alice B. Toklas. They get their recipe for hash brownies, which is how they got through World War I.

Then in Sociology of Crime we watched an HBO America Undercover, Murder on a Sunday Morning. Short story: fifteen year old black boy is wrongly accused of murdering a Caucasian tourist in Jacksonville, Florida. The whole case was handled so incredibly poorly it’s shameful. The public defenders (Pat McGuinness and Ann Finnell) rocked, though. Pat would have been a bastard if he hadn’t been on the good guy side. Relating an incident that occurred during a break before he cross-examined one of the detectives. He was outside smoking, and the detective said, “Suck down another cancerstick.” Pat’s reply: “I always enjoy a cigarette before sex.” After a pause, he explains to the interviewer, “I wanted him to know I was going to screw him.”