February 25th, 2003

you think you know...

One of these days i will go to bed before 2am.

I am Joe’s LJ Guru. :)

And he claims that he was just going to ask me if i’d heard from Oxford when i told him i’m gotten in. I’m impressed he remembered i’d applied.

He wants to have two boys, one of whom will be named Hunter. How adorable. This means we can’t get married, though, because if i have kids (which right now i’m thinking now) i want girls. I wish adoption didn’t involve so much time and money and red tape. (And of course, like everything, i think it should be open to same-sex couples.)

I called my mommy and told various people in my house that i got into the Oxford Summer Seminar. It is also on LJ, my dry-erase board, and my away message. (And Maggie actually IMed me to congratulate me. See, this is the beauty of Internet communication, you can not talk to someone for months and then have a 5 minute conversation and then not talk again for many months and it’s okay.) I have also sent out an e-mail to half my known world. Collapse )

Hot damn, looking in the brochure so i could spiff up my mass e-mail i started getting way more excited about this.

My brother called me, which was nice. He talks on the phone forEVER, though.

I e-mailed the Sophian my reaction to Cate Malycke’s “Point Granted.” I decided against ripping apart all the small horrid things about it.

Stupid film analysis. Inspiration struck at a quarter to one, though, and i was saved.

Damn, i keep forgetting about the fact that i need a group for this Big Caper think. I wanna be in a mafia group. Must do something about that. Oh, and that paper for Michael. Stupid school, making me write things.

Tuesday (i.e., today): NEW Buffy!

This Wednesday night: Angel is not on because the WB is stupid, so... The House of Yes (7:30, Seelye 106, sponsored by SAFE) or Radical Feminist Catholics?

Thursday, 7:30, Wright Hall Auditorium, "The Power and Pleasure of the Heterosexual Imaginary." Because really, i didn’t get enough of The Big Gay the first time around. ;)

For the record, if I ever ride into the apocalypse, I'd rather just prance around and have a serf banging coconut shells behind me.
-Andrew Sullivan
you think you know...

I feel cranky about a number of things, but i’m not dwelling.

I never did get an entry posted about last week’s Buffy (“Get It Done” 7.15), but i will reiterate that i really liked it, and anyone interested in the issue of the darkness at the root of the Slayer’s power should check out “Restless” (4.22) and “Buffy vs. Dracula” (5.01).

Tonight’s episode (“Storyteller” 7.16) was hysterical at times, with just enough seriousness. And lots of viewer shout-outs, both in regards to this season and references to old school. Tonght was Marnie’s first Buffy. Convenient the storytelling bringing one up to speed. :)

And because i so don’t wanna do stuff like financial aid for Oxford, i’ll probably end up posting in detail about these episodes tonight anyway.

In other news...

Tomorrow i am going to print this and find somewhere to put it on my door.

Sometimes life makes me want to cry.

Mayor John Brenner of York, however, has managed to get visitors to contribute simply by asking. He is urging that residents of York County who come into the city for its bars, restaurants, theaters, shops and events chip in exactly $3.32, roughly the cost of a McDonald's Happy Meal.

"A six-piece Chicken McNugget Happy Meal," Mayor Brenner specified recently as he sat in his office with a cardboard box full of envelopes containing checks for $3.32. If each adult county resident paid that much, he said, it would cover the city's budget gap.

-from “In Another York, the Cry Is Spare a Meal and Save the City” by Corey Kilgannon
When the power of love is greater than the love of power, then there will be true peace.

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