March 7th, 2003

anime night

I love that Kim was still sending e-mail at 12:30 in the morning.

However, i know we all love her, but believe me people, you do not want to take Sociology of Crime.

All of my classes are going to kick my ass. And i have lots of nonacademic stuff to do too.

But in a week there is Break, and break is necessary, and all will be well.

(I finished my Am. Lit. paper of doom and Southern boyfriends. Everything interrelates, which makes it frustratingly difficult to stay on a single theme. While i say i'm talking about storytelling, i also say in the beginning that that is a way of thinking about the characters, which i think is a clever out for me. The paper still really isn't focused enough, though. Usually i'm overly concise and my papers are too short. This one is the first one that's actually of the appropriate length, but as i said, it's so bad. I can't win. There will be polishing after some sleep, though. I'm actually not that tired, but my eyes have taken to glazing over at the sight of this essay.)

all they really want is to be alone with the darkness
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i do it for the joy it brings

We finally have art!

Yes, i can now say that i work in a museum and not just mean that i work in an office in a building that calls itself a museum. They started hanging art today. I walked into the gallery and it felt like the MFA, which to me is familiar and homey. Of course, the museum won't be open to the public until i think the weekend of April 27, but i work there so i can visit the pretty. :)
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I heart bloggers.

March 05, 2003

THE AMERICAN STREET: Literally, in this case, since that's where I saw this bumper sticker. "Terrorists Beware: Rugby Player On Board." I think Mark Bingham would be proud.

And rightly so.

It's almost enough to make me wish I played rugby, instead of just being part of the "rugby of opinion peddling." But only almost. When I was in college, I dated a member of the women's rugby team, and I know that I'm not that tough.

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March 06, 2003

FORGET RUGBY: I don't think I'm tough enough for modern dance. Sheesh.

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