March 12th, 2003

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Playing Devil’s Advocate is gonna get me whipped one of these days.

Everyone is mocking this, a sign that our government is childish and all that, but honestly, we did similar things opposing Germany during WWII. (Do i think it’s silly and that no one is going to pay any attention except to mock it? Of course. It may turn out to be a hoax even -- or perhaps not -- just as this may turn out to be untrue. But i find examining people’s reactions and the underlying stories just as, if not more, interesting as the actual stories.) Steven Den Beste writes about his longstanding worry about the French. I’m just really annoyed that the French seem to be taking the “U.S. war on Iraq is never okay,” saying they will veto a UN resolution regardless. What’s up with that? I understand pacifists saying “war is never okay,” but if you’re a government, you recognize that war is sometimes necessary, and saying “we will veto a new resolution no matter what,” really who’s being petty now? [And yes, i apologize for not having at my fingertips any direct links to the French statements.]

Yeah, okay, so no one thinks this is a good idea. I think i get so weary of knee-jerk “America sucks, the government sucks, etc.” that my knee-jerk response is then to play Devil’s Advocate (not that my reaction isn’t always to play Devil’s Advocate ;) ). Or you could argue that conservatives have eaten my brain, but we’re not gonna talk about how i’m “not thinking.” (This is me glaring and remembering not to be bitter and passive-aggressive.)

Oh, and the newest topic in the blogosphere is torture, and i’ll say right now that i’m skipping the posts ‘cause i say torture is never good. I have a hard enough time with justifying killing. (This is the part where if i were gonna get all defensive i would say, “See, i can draw lines, take a stand on moral principles.”)

I shouldn’t be posting entries that profess to be thoughtful this late, huh?

[edited to add that i can see why people could be seriously worried about the implications of this]

"i sing sometimes, like my life is at stake..."

I forget sometimes, how fragile people are, but then they always show yet again how strong they are.

There's never enough time (and recently i get to plead midterms), and i feel bad about not commenting on entries when i can't think of anything to say even though i want you to know i'm thinking of you.

So yeah, i'm going to bed now, for real.

(P.S. Happy Birthday sk8eeyore!)
anime night

The weather today was SO gorgeous.

It smelled like spring.

Mildly disoncerting to hear birdsong while walking past a massive heap of snow in the Science Quad.

Other random happiness...

Joe IMed me on Sunday: I've been thinking about you a lot lately - especially when I'm doing creative things

athene has a friend Chris who lives in Oxford, so we IM now. He said: I'll be happy to show you round oxford when you get here. Point you at the nicer pubs or whatever. :-)
hermione by oatmilk

I love Neil Gaiman.

His blog doesn't lend itself to direct linking, but this is from today.
I have very mixed feelings about Americans disliking the French. I'm English, after all. We have a special relationship with the French: we are in awe of their sophistication, their cuisine and their wines, we think their women are beautiful, we like them as individuals, we badly want to go and live in their country when we retire, while at the same time we are deeply suspicious of them. It's like having people living next door to you who may be snappier dressers and better cooks, but who, after all, borrowed the lawn mower sometime in the thirteenth century and never gave it back. Anyway, the English dislike the French. We're really good at it. We've been doing it ever since we got up one day and realised that the Norman Conquerors were now, like it or not, Us, and weren't conquering French people any more. We feel, frankly, that if anyone's going to dislike the French, it's going to be us. On the whole we manifest our dislike for them by drinking their wines, buying up their cigarettes, and, despite the fact that all English people can naturally roll their Rs and speak perfect French, declining to do so, and when forced by circumstances to speak French the English do it with an English accent on purpose.

These are tactics we've worked out over the course of hundreds of years, and if carried on long enough, they will bring France to its knees. I'm English. I know these things.

Changing the name french fries to freedom fries, on the other hand, will just make them laugh at you.
anime night

Joe is adorable.

Especially when he's aware that we barely talk and in a rare episode of free time is making up for it.

He IMed me just now: hello there my darling, how are you?