March 24th, 2003

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One reason Joan should have a LiveJournal of her own.

Joan's Ever-Growing List of Oscar Nominees, Winners, and Presenters Who Need a Good, Hard Slap:
1) Salma Hayek. Smile once in a while, will you?
2) Julianne Moore. Just because.
3) Michael Moore. I liked your documentary. I just don't like you.
4) Bono. And that slap's a long time coming.
5) Brendan Fraser. You're very cute, Mister. But if you get any more sacchrine, my teeth'll fall out.
6) Adrien Brody AFTER he griped at the orchestra conductor. Only Julia Roberts can get away with this move, and only GRACIOUSLY can one even attempt it.
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more on the Academy Awards

Are there any movies that weren’t adapted from books? Le sigh.

There has been much love for Michael Moore and Bowling for Columbine, so because i’m all about complicating and problematizing things, here’s an article which tears apart its credibility as a documentary.

As for The Pianist, i haven’t seen it, don’t even remember ads for it, but all i can think of when i hear people gushing about it is the New Republic article i read over break.
angry - books

"the path of least resistance is what makes the river crooked"

So at her Smith appearance, Alix Olson said the U.S. has bombed something like 30 places since 1945 and none have resulted in a democratic government. I couldn't remember any of the countries she mentioned except for Guatemala, so i really had no idea where to begin investigating, but then a Smithie posted a list of countries and dates, so i guessed it was referring to that and e-mailed my dad. He, of course, is brilliant. Collapse )