March 30th, 2003

hermione by oatmilk

I hate lack of communication.

Dude, this is why Meredith and i take the bus; when other people get involved it always leads to badness.

But i made it home fine and i already totally bitched to my parents, so i'll spare you all.

Still pissy, though, largely 'cause i still have shitloads of stuff to do.


[edit] I was catching up on e-mail and my Saturday's BeliefNet horoscope says:
CANCER (Jun 21–Jul 22): You can tell that the weekend just isn’t going to happen the way you’d like. This is going to be a study in letting up on control and going with the flow. Your nervous system may be fraying around the edges from all the tension you’ve been holding. Schedule some time to surround yourself with nature, soothing music or just plain silence.
Also, if you want the long story of my return to Northampton, it's in convenient numbered list format in the comments section.
hermione by oatmilk

House Meeting was nonpainful.

Charlotte and Zohra are SAAs and honestly, they're much better than i am. Besides, English Department Liason is way cooler.

I'm excited about Prophecies. (Dude, is Sarah Jones really gonna be back for Senior Banquet?)

And a big Huzzah for the fact that i scored a single last year and get to squat. 33 singles for 38+ people. I will be hiding in my room thinking good thoughts for certain people.

[edited to add that i don't understand why we have to talk about dishes all the time, why we get charged for them so much. we are all past high school. we should all bring our dishes back to the kitchen, not in our rooms, not in the kitchenettes, not in the living room. it's hard to have faith in humanity and its ability to govern itself when people can't even dispose of their f-ing dishes properly. but perhaps i'm expecting too much of mere college students.]