March 31st, 2003

you think you know...

Neil Gaiman's daughter might come to Smith.

I really should read his online journal more often.

from March 30, 2003:
Lots of interesting comments and questions coming in (and Holly still hasn't made up her mind between Smith and Bryn Mawr. Personally, I'd love an excuse to visit Northhampton, but then, I'd also love an excuse to visit Philadephia, so I'm just waiting for her to pick. Several people sent me messages rooting for one college or the other, and they've all been passed on to her. If you think you've got a tie-breaker, send it to me and I'll pass it on). Anyway, deadlines are not my friends right now, so the various things I was thinking of blogging will remain unblogged.
From March 27, 2003:
So, alert readers of this journal may remember that my daughter Holly has been looking at colleges. She's just had in a slew of acceptances (yay Holly!), and is currently trying to make up her mind between her two preferred colleges of the bunch, viz. and to wit, Bryn Mawr and Smith. And I'm sure that in the next few days she'll decide which one she's going to.

Her sister Maddy also has strong opinions on the subject.

"I think," Maddy said, "That she should go to Smith. Because I like the name Smith, and because if she went to Bryn Mawr it's in Pennsylvania, and then I'd worry."

"Why would you worry?" I asked, feeling like George Burns, in a double act with an eight-year-old Gracie Allen.

"Because of her getting her blood sucked. It's in Pennsylvania, you know. Where Dracula comes from."

"Er, Mads. You're thinking of Transylvania. That's in Eastern Europe. Pennsylvania's in the USA."

"Oh. Well, I still think Smith is a nicer name."
you think you know...

My world is on crack.

Thanks to upsidown i now wanna do a semester abroad at Bob Jones University.

Honestly, i love their Bible classes. And we know i wanna take those 400-level classes and incite riots.

And under their Division of English Language and Literature besides a Department of English they also have a Department of Professional Writing and Publication, a Department of Linguistics, and a Department of Philosophy. I could take a Children’s Literature course! (There was one offered here my first year that i couldn’t take. Think it was in the Education Department. Should e-mail the department chair about that.) Their English Department looks really great.

Hi 202- United States History
Political, economic, intellectual, and military development of the United States from the post-Reconstruction era to the present. Appropriate emphasis on ethnic and women's studies. The growth of the United States to its position as a 20th century world power.Both semesters, OEE, three hours. [emphasis mine]

I like their social sciences department, too.

Okay, so really i’d like to do a full 4 years there. For serious. A four years at Bob Jones University after a 4 years at Smith. How [insert adjective of your choice] would that be? I take complex and insane to new levels, i know.