April 11th, 2003

you think you know...

I like neither going to bed at night nor getting up in the morning. This is bad.

I could write theses on the Whedonverse.
"You have enough emotional investment in this topic to carry you through the difficult writing process. You will finish, and it will be important work you do. This is the topic you must write on. Forget all that bad advice. Figure out how to do it. You need to do it."
Wheee, offbalance pimped my entry on this week’s Angel episode. zzrg suggested parallels to Greek mythology and a highly plausible theory for what causes people to see Jasmine’s true form. I *really* want a transcript so i can pull out all the Biblical and Greek myth stuff. (Though given all the “real” work i have to do, it’s probably just as well i can’t obsess over every word of this episode.) offbalance got me thinking hardcore about the Season 5 (Glory, Dawn-as-Key, etc.). I quoted copiously from various episodes and learned that LiveJournal limits comments to 4300 characters.

Apparently offbalance and i live in an alternate universe (which may or may not contain floating markets) in which we are popular. I have been friended by 5 people whom i don’t know in “real life” in the past week. As offbalance says, "Well, they friended you because you rock that much, and the word is spreading like wildfire." The same is true of her, of course.

My mommy is cute. She IMed me around 5. I was playing with small children after a full day of classes, so my away message was "long day". She wrote:
"long day"? so you're sleeping?
hiding under the bed?
I love my mommy. :)

Joe IMed me tonight:
JoeyD341: jinkies Velma, a clue....
VelmasLizard: I'm full of clues dear, is there a mystery in particular?
JoeyD341: not one in particular...
JoeyD341: how have you been wonderful friend?
JoeyD341: I was thinking about you earlier as I was playing "Iowa" on the guitar....
I love my boy.

For I woke up from a nightmare that I could not stand to see,
You were a-wandering out on the hills of Iowa, and you were not thinking of me.

Last Friday we were chatting and i asked him about his summer plans and he said:
JoeyD341: I will be back and forth between home and here
JoeyD341: working for advising
VelmasLizard: fun
VelmasLizard: I would say we should hang out sometime, but i know better than to expect that to actually happen.
JoeyD341: aw
JoeyD341: we will I'm sure
JoeyD341: :-)
VelmasLizard: Dude, last summer you had a permanent place of residence and we couldn't swing it.
JoeyD341: yeah - but my permanent place this year will be [his address in our mutual hometown deleted, with the notation for the general public that last summer he had an apartment near UNH -- where he goes to college]
I actually have hope that we’ll hang out sometime during the 6 weeks that i am home. We shall see.

This reminds me. LizardGirl is my default username. I got creative for AIM and LJ, but things like the Jolt and anything else that requires a username gets LizardGirl. This surprises people. Two peers so far in my life have nicknamed me “lizard.” It was my pre-birth name from my parents, though. It stuck, so now i have a collection of charming lizard objects. Why was it my pre-birth name, you ask? Because of this comic. (The fact that i could find this comic online, starting with no knowledge as to when it was first published, in under 10 minutes -- maybe even under 5; i wasn’t counting -- is one of the reasons why i so adore the Internet.)

The Clothesline Project for SAFE was up across from Neilson because this is Sexual Abuse Awareness Week. (This is also the week that part of the AIDS quilt was up in the chapel and the week that included the Day of Silence.) Anyway, as i’m walking by, Doug pulls up and parks his car and we exchange greetings. He looks at the bright shirts on the clotheslines and says, “Coal tar.” He goes on to explain that without the development coal tar, none of the dyes to create these bright colors would exist. “You remind me of my father,” i say. “You know way too much about everything. That much knowledge should be spread over a number of people.” He thanks me and says, “You’re very sweet.” :)

It is also open campus. My room is too small for me to feel appropriate hosting a prospective, and it’s just as well since i’ll be in Boston all day Saturday and into Sunday.

American Lit class today:
J: “Icky.”
M: “For the prospectives, this is a technical term... ultimately derived from the Greek.”

Talking about art and culture, “Literature is at the top -- of course.” Michael put literature above entertainment and then above both, The Simpsons. “Which is neither literature nor entertainment?” -- rawk, Jessica! (We won’t even start on how Buffy is much higher art than The Simpsons.)

On why Pete takes Maggie out to nice places:
“He wants to get some.”
“Liz, would you say that again so I don’t have to?”

We were discussing Stephen Crane’s Maggie: A Girl of the Streets. One chapter opens with the sentence that the baby had died. “Steve... a little pathos.” Because yes, Michael is on a first-name basis with all these authors.

I need to read The Onion more often.

Amusement from traces:
also, know what is so not fair? how in my "public" entries i'm like "la la, ate this, read that, watched this..."

and in my entries reserved solely for the people that i call "friends," it's all "angst and devastation, oh misery, blah blah blah..."

that just seems wrong. one would think that i would be much nicer to my friends.
hermione by oatmilk

Potential 4th course for next semester.

[Votes or other thoughts are welcome. You have until 8am Eastern Time, Monday, April 14, 2003.]

ARH 101 (Frazer Ward) MW 9-10:20
Approaching the Body
Collapse )

CLT 229 (Ann Jones) MW 9-10:20
The Renaissance Gender Debate
Collapse )

ECO 150 (Lewis Davis) MWF 9-9:50
Introductory Microeconomics
Collapse )

ECO 153 (Randall Bartlett) MWF 9-9:50
Introductory Macroeconomics
Collapse )
evil hand

I have been on news hiatus since March 16 for various reasons.

But i do read the e-mails my dad sends me -- eventually. I may end up posting relevant bits, but i suspect that by the time i get around to it, much will not be relevant anymore.

Recently there's interesting stuff about horrors of Iraq not being reported by reporters who knew about them. Eason Jordan of CNN wrote a NYTimes piece coming clean about it, and people have written criticizing his rationale. [edited to link to various other reactions: Instapundit one, two, [oops, i missed one] three, four, five; Volokh one, two, three, four]

[In WST class today we talked a bit about the Phillipines and their history with the U.S., and i was reminded of how important it is to know history, to understand how history influence the present. This is something most people, myself included, unfortunately don't really get when in high school, so we don't pay much attention and have to learn it all later on when we finally realize the importance. Lots of different issues have come up throughout this Iraq situation, and i've realized that i can't just pick individual issues/situations to learn about, because everything is so interrelated. I want to start reading about what's going on the world. And i'm all about the varied news sources. We discussed the budget and what gets how much in class the other day, and speaking about one portion, Wendy said, "I guess the UN payments we never make would be included in that." I was under the impression that we have actually given lots of money to the United Nations. I get disturbed by some things i hear from the Left -- like in class today, that only US corporations got to bid on all the Iraq rebuilding contracts -- because i fear they're true, but i get disturbed by other things because i suspect they're not.]

Relatedly... Oh. My. God. This makes me want to cry.

[edit the umpteenth: San Jose Mercury News, Los Angeles Times, NPR (twice), Chicago Tribune, National Geographic, BBC, CNN -- those are all on the opening page of this media watchdog site right now; this disturbs me]
angry - books

The world it is strange.

I swear it was snowing Wednesday morning. Thursday was bright and beautiful. And today it is raining. New England doesn't want us to forget that it is rarely consistent, huh?

In a recent entry, Neil Gaiman mentions that bombed out house command center i remember hearing about a while back. I never followed up on it, so this was the first time i had seen a picture of the item. My immediate thought was that it's the first "toy" i've ever seen that gives kids some real sense of the horror and destruction of war. You sure don't want your house to look like that.

I was confused by some of the article. Eric Garris of antiwar.com says: "War toys have been around forever, but the problem here is the change in focus. Before such toys were more in line with the ideas of self-defence." I don't remember war toys ever being about self-defense. They were about mutual attacking and fighting. He continues: "This is not just another war toy -- it's a total paradigm shift in the war toy industry. It's setting up the young people for this new kind of war, where soldiers come into your house and take it over when they need to." Um, okay, that's possible. But as i said, i don't see this toy as saying that's a great thing. I think kids would see it as a "doesn't it suck to be the person whose house that is." Isn't that what peace people want? For people to understand the horrors of war? Similarly, Steven Feldgaier ("a University of Manitoba child psychologist who specializes in anxiety and stress among children") says: "These toys glorify violence and war . . . and send the confusing message that peace is linked with the need to arm yourself." I just don't see it.
you think you know...

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and i'm petty.

So, i'm jealous of the people who interact with my favorite boy more frequently than i do. This is not news. However, i also have a history of being annoyed that people younger than i, whom i don't think all that terribly much of (i don't hate them, i just don't get the appeal), get to hang out with him more. This is not helped by the fact that the stories of their interactions always reflect the immature side of my boy that i would really like to pretend doesn't exist. Anyway, he finally updated his LJ tonight, so i learned that he's fallen out of touch with said people and even had uncomplimentary things to say about one of them. This makes me happy because i am a bad, bad person. Yeah, he hopes to get back in touch with them over the summer. That's fine. It has delighted me that we've been in touch again, and there's a definite possibility that we'll hang out this summer. I hardly need his world to revolve around me, but the fact that they are currently less a part of his life than i am makes me happy because i am petty. Okay, i'm done now.