April 19th, 2003

you think you know...

"Brush up your Shakespeare; start quoting him now."

[Leading Ladies Smith College Musical Theatre Ensemble presents "Trading Voices" A Musical Cabaret Featuring Leading Men Songs]

1) upsidown [also known as the stellar Ms. Sarah W-W] is GREAT!
2) I continue to be annoyed when the musical accompaniment drowns out the singers.
3) The foreign language parts of "Willkommen" from Cabaret are sexy.
4) I was reminded of how many classic musicals i am unfamiliar with.
5) The woman (Gitanjali Sidhu?) who did "Corner of the Sky" (Pippin) was really good.
6) I also really liked the woman (Megan Maguire?) who did "Trouble" (The Music Man).
7) "Seize the Day" (Newsies) was so well-done, though i could have sworn it was longer.
8) Tee-hee to the coconut clip-clops (Monty Python!) at the beginning of "Man of La Mancha" (Do they actually do that in the real Man of La Mancha?).
9) I remembered "Singin' in the Rain" as less mellow and high-pitched.
10) You're living in America at the end of the millenium, You're living in America leave your conscience at the tone, And when you're living in America at the end of the millenium you're what you own
RENT is one of the few musicals i really want to see.
11) Fun with gender is two women in red dresses doing "What Would I Do" from Falsettos, a dozen women in suits doing "Nothin' Like A Dame" from South Pacific, and women doing "I Am What I Am" from La Cage Aux Folles.
i fight fire with words

I can be an academic when i care.

For Intro to Women's Studies, every week we have to post once about the readings for the following day.
  • 2-3 substantial paragraphs
  • discuss in some specific way at least one of the readings assigned for the next day’s class
  • put the reading(s) in conversation with other material assigned for that day or with pieces we’ve read or issues we’ve discussed in previous classes
Two of the articles we had to read for this coming Monday i found both troubling and frustrating in the arguments they made and also because a lot of the ways they went about making their arguments. So i was all over making my weekly post on this one. I understand the importance of learning about how people thought about things, but the idea of this being what's presented as THE texts on queerness is so bad -- though thankfully the readings for later in the week are mostly from the 1990s.

Anyway, in case anyone cares, the articles were Marilyn Frye's "To Be and Be Seen: The Politics of Reality" (1983) and Charlotte Bunch's "Not For Lesbians Only" (1975). I wrote this long post attacking a lot of things in both, bringing in Audre Lorde's "Man Child: A Black Lesbian Feminist's Response" (1979), and wanna guess how long it was? 1349 words. My last "five to seven page paper" for this class was about half as long as it was supposed to be, totalling 831 words. I could totally write a lengthy paper ripping apart these two articles, doing research to show how they are no longer applicable to today's queer. But of course i rarely get to do papers i actually care about. I am so going to get a C in this class because i can't do good work when i don't care. Jelena says she'll kill me if i get a C, though. I really don't want a C in a fucking intro class on my transcript, so we shall see.

remisa sum
hermione by oatmilk

I'm not going to fail! Hooray!

So, i have this Language Acquisition paper due Tuesday and today i finally went to the stats lab to use the program to search the child language transcripts to get data to write this 5-page paper which counts for 30% of my grade. Well, the search went through, but i couldn't see any results. I remember that happening when i was first learning to use the program, but the woman i was working with and i figured out what we needed to do fairly quickly. I must have thought it was intuitive because i didn't write anything down and today i tried various things but just could not get it to work. So i left phonemail for my 2 friends in the class and e-mailed the professor and the TA. See, sometimes i can manage to get over my stubborn refusal to ask for help. Anyway, Gillian called me back while i was at dinner and then saw me at dinner and we'll meet at 1:30 tomorrow [edited to add that Somebody definitely loves me because i was supposed to be filming a group project at 1:30 tomorrow, but it got changed to 7:30]. "We will beat this thing," she says. (As this semester nears its end we know lots about our professor's kids and would be happy to know them in person, but we know very little about language acquisition.)

I changed my topic for Am. Lit. because i have nothing to say about The Awakening or The House of Mirth, but i am confident that i can actually write this paper.

I did research for my Women's Studies paper and may actually manage to write a decent paper of the appropriate length.

Jelena came by my room and i helped her with planning her essay. She insists i know everything -- and says once i take economics i'll be fully rounded :)

Now, purplegryphon's Senior Recital -- Sage Hall, 7pm, free.
i do it for the joy it brings

"If you do not like the opera, you can get up and walk out."

Yay for purplegryphon's Senior Recital.

The first two sections were lovely, of course.

And then she came out in snappy jacket and attitude to do Johann Strauss's "Chacun a son gout" from Die Fledermaus. That was fabulous.

The last piece was the debut performance of "On Miracles," composed by Jerry and with text by marginaliana, so of course we made her stand up and be applauded as well.

Whee, encores.

"Embraceable You." Aw.

And a second encore. "Angel from Montgomery" -- duet with Jerry !!! uber-aww

And there was a reception, with much yummy food.

I had forgetten how beautiful Sweeney Concert Hall (and Sage Hall in general) is.
i do it for the joy it brings

I adore my corseted one.

Other random happiness tonight: Getting in to grad school is 45% WHAT you know, 45% WHO you know, 5% WHERE you knew it, and 7% math skills.

Also: The Parking sucks at Smith, and really that is about it.

Do we think there are drugs in the air that the Jolt of all places is bringing me joy?

Also, i figured out how to work the course catalog on Hampshire's site and i now want to take classes there. Evolving Notions of Heroines and Heros, Victorian Childhood: Self and Society in the 19th Century, Literature and Evil, Poetry with Politics. I think i'm excited to be an English major again. It is good to be reminded of why i was excited about majoring in this, to be reminded that i do love literature and love thinking about literature.
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