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May 2003 - hermionesviolin
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by hermionesviolin:

01:41 am: even when they're dry as my lips for years... - 3 comments

12:07 am: Eventually there will be a real update from me. - 2 comments
11:47 am: The last few weeks of spring semester the campus is forcing new life.
06:53 pm: "When I hear somebody sigh, 'Life is hard,' I am always tempted to ask, 'Compared to what?' "
07:37 pm: Birds outside my window.
09:04 pm: I am working on a bunch of "productive" things, honest. - 1 comment
10:45 pm: Shiny.

01:13 am: Let's ignore that the fact that i have done next to nothing "productive" today, shall we? - 11 comments

02:03 am: I wish i were the kind of person who actually got serious work done over Reading Period. - 3 comments
10:13 am: Well at least i looked at the fine print before i'd walked downtown.
02:15 pm: subito... success!

09:15 pm: "Touched" (7.20) - 9 comments

01:08 am: I hate people sometimes. - 3 comments
01:10 am: I love people sometimes. - 6 comments
10:08 pm: "Home" (Angel Season 4 finale) - 2 comments
11:00 pm: Dude, there are little boxes of Cheerios downstairs. - 1 comment

10:05 pm: "On the highway of regret the winds of change are blowing wild and free" - 5 comments

12:18 am: So, people are upset that Bush&Blair were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. - 1 comment
10:55 am: It's all about making your needs known. - 1 comment
11:15 am: Somebody's done with her semester. ;)

11:58 am: I have been back in my homeland since Saturday afternoon. - 11 comments

11:07 am: C'est la vie. C'est la guerre.
04:56 pm: My brother is so the tech boy ;)
09:02 pm: "End of Days" (7.21) - 4 comments

05:20 pm: It really is my other home.

12:40 pm: oh my god that book needs to come with a warning - 2 comments
01:14 pm: on behalf of tranceballerina - 5 comments
02:38 pm: People are psychotic. - 1 comment

01:23 am: HAPPY GRADUMUCATION - 4 comments
10:44 pm: WeatherBug kept chirping at me today.

10:53 pm: And then when i walked out the door this morning it felt like summer.

03:26 am: Lots of thoughts on fanfiction. (with additions made later that night)
03:45 am: End of an era! *sniff* - 3 comments
05:56 pm: Home 9 days and hit on by a random guy in the street. - 1 comment
06:39 pm: be it chocolate ice cream or an apple
09:05 pm: Chosen (7.22) SERIES FINALE! - 2 comments

09:29 am: "maybe the most that we can do is just to see each other through" - 2 comments
10:07 am: After last night how could we not quote Indigo Girls "Secure Yourself" - 1 comment
06:28 pm: "We are all so foolish ... so damn foolish we have become beautiful without even knowing it." - 3 comments

06:01 pm: My First Funeral - 1 comment
06:06 pm: Memo: New York peoples
08:03 pm: Buffy and other miscellany - 9 comments
11:02 pm: Lots o' posting today. - 4 comments
11:39 pm: Thank you, and good night.

11:12 pm: Indiana Jones 3 needs to be renamed.

05:37 pm: Sometimes i wonder if i think too much. - 2 comments
07:22 pm: "From this morning until 9:30 it's an urban demolition derby."
08:00 pm: It should not be this difficult to change the color of the text.
08:30 pm: Big thank you to sexonastick.

03:05 am: I'm on the tenth SANDMAN volume.
04:22 am: And now i'm going to bed. - 3 comments
03:31 pm: Because i was on the edge of tears to begin with.
03:46 pm: In other news,

07:33 pm: "I wake up and get paid, or I don't wake up."