May 5th, 2003

you think you know...

I wish i were the kind of person who actually got serious work done over Reading Period.

Item the first:
  • In response to the lengthy paragraph ending "There's a dissertation on lesbianism, magic, and words in Gertrude Stein and the Buffyverse just begging to be written." Michael wrote since i'm utterly innocent of buffy, i'll only say that it sounds like a dissertation much in need of writing and maybe you're the person to write it.
  • And in response to my gushing (which was really minimal all things considered): as for your very kind comments, i'll blushingly say thanks and leave it at that. but thanks, sincerely.
Item the second:
I have played “Hunger” on repeat so much that it now plays in my head. (Sub-item: i heart my current playlist)

Item the third:
Writing Whedonverse porn engages me so much more than anything academic. And as a sub-item [is subitem Latin for something? it seems to me like it is, but i can’t think of what], it is really hard to find good fanfic, particularly good NC-17.

Item the fourth:
tranceballerina should come visit me ‘cause i’m near Boston.
And i should go visit antheia&oatmilk ‘cause i have yet to meet them in person as well as offbalance&quasisonic ‘cause they’re in the area and they’re cool, too. :)
Summer’s gonna rock.
[And anyone who’s gonna be in the Boston area over the summer and wants to hang out, lemme know. At some point we must absolutely make plans for me to visit you.]
And i have already decreed that next semester will. :)
"If I don't let myself by happy now then when?"

Item the fifth:
Jelena kidnaped me to help her with one of her final papers. She thinks i’m really smart. And she’s so profusely appreciative of my help. Mostly i just nod and sometimes i babble and she jots down what i say claiming it’s smart. And she thinks this is a strain on me? It’s not like i was doing schoolwork anyway. I have been learning that it is difficult to disabuse people of the notion that i am really studious.
I now have chocolate from Croatia and i smell of cigarette smoke. (Gah. I can feel it in my throat, as well as of course smelling it in my hair and all. Really tempted to shower before going to bed, though i know of course i won’t.)

Item the sixth:
If i am not responding to your IM, i have probably been kidnaped/distracted by either Jane or Jelena or Annie or anyone else who happens by my room and engages me in conversation. I’m popular, what can i say?

Item the seventh:
Smith College English Department Picnic at the athletic fields 4:30-7:30pm today (Monday)

Item the eighth:
I love you.
angry - books

Well at least i looked at the fine print before i'd walked downtown.

So, they sent me a new Total Access Check Card. And then they sent me another one. I figured this was just a glitch and put the second one aside (thank god i didn't just trash it). The first one worked fine after all. But then of course recently it started not so much working. Looking at the second envelope, there was a letter saying "We recently sent you a new [card]... We have become aware of an error on the magnetic stripe located on the back ... that may prevent you from making a purchase at some merchant locations. To ensure that your card works in all locations, we are replacing your new card with anther... [the old one] will be deactivated...."

[Edit: However, with the post office moving to the new student center my address has changed and the online thing won't let me change this info, so i'm heading downtown anyway.]
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