May 7th, 2003


"Home" (Angel Season 4 finale)

I. Love. This. Show.

With the zingers of dialogue, and the issues, and the compromise, and the sacrifice.

Angel needs to be renewed for a 5th season because (1) how cool is it going to be next season? and (2) lots of stuff that needs to be explained/dealt with.

Also, (1) given my personal conflict about dealing with (read: solving) world issues i adore that my show deals with moral grey and compromise and working within the system and "at what price?" and all that, and (2) how is Buffy going to top this? even with 2 episodes in which to do it.
you think you know...

Dude, there are little boxes of Cheerios downstairs.

I haven't had Cheerios in so long. They are yum. I had forgotten this.

In other news, i am evacuating around noon on Saturday. If you want to see me before i depart for my homeland, be in touch, preferably with the power to add hours to the day and/or freeze time. Also, if you want me to reappear for Senior Week, make convincing arguments (preferably coupled with a plan for living arrangements) now.