May 20th, 2003

you think you know...

Lots of thoughts on fanfiction. (with additions made later that night)

I’ve read a bunch of stuff about slashfic (slashphilosophy and metablog), theorizing about feminism and lots of stuff. I think the basic appeal of slash, like all porn, is pretty people + sex. What about non-explicit slash? That’s about the appeal of fanfic in general, making the characters more like how you want them, making/seeing happen what you wish had happened in canon. I was thinking about the meme about YOUR [insert character here] and how i want to queer everyone, and i wonder how much of this (ficcing, slashing, all of it) is making people be like you (or maybe this is just me, but really, isn’t fic about making the characters into ones you like -- or at least ones you love to hate -- and i’ve absolutely already come to the conclusion that i like people better when they’re queer).

Someone else has a fairly simple and straightforward reason why she slashes: “I fall in love with certain characters and want more of them.”

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you think you know...

Home 9 days and hit on by a random guy in the street.

This is my homeland, this is my summer.

Walknig down the street to the library a guy pulls up next to me and asks me a question. He has to repeat it twice because i just can't hear/understand him, and as i'm leaning close to the open passenger window i remember how we were taught as children not to get too close because people can pull you into the car.

Anyway, his question turns out to be, "Do you have any matches?"

"No, sorry, i don't."

"So what are you doing? Just hangin' around?"

"I'm heading down to the library" i say, gesturing down the street to the library which is only about a block away.

He kinda looks me over. "Are you in school or out of school?"

"I'm in college."

"What are you doing tomorrow?"

"I'm busy, sorry."

This is my instinctive reaction, and the fact that it's a lie doesn't bother me. (The guy, in case you care, is a slightly grubby guy probably in his late 30s. This is always the type of random guy who's interested in me.)

He says something like "Okay, have a nice day" and the conversation ends and i continue walking, staring straight ahead.

Soon he pulls up next to me again.

"You look beautiful. You sure you don't want to go out for Chinese sometime?"

I love free food, and i'm flattered (windblown hair [which sounds sexier than it is], grey shirt, and blue jeans... who thinks i'm beautiful?) but i do not go out with random strangers, especially not ones like that. So i say something like "No, sorry," and he leaves me alone and turns onto the next side street and i feel relieved.