June 4th, 2003

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Laura from Russian class is in London until July 2. We miss each other by 3 days; bollocks. She knows this post-grad guy in Oxford, so she would have had double reason to visit, too. She’s gonna talk to him and see if maybe we can hang out, though. I really need to get on the ball with this trip, figuring out specifics and talking to people i might hang out with over there.

People with an interest in socializing with me before i leave the country: see previous entry. NYC peoples who saw it when it was first posted: it’s been edited, so go back.

My hair has been more cooperative now that i’ve been getting out more instead of just sitting around at home. I still want a haircut (definitely before i leave for England) but i feel less desperate now. Looking at myself in the mirror, though, i’m weary of this pageboy cut. What do i want, though? I don’t think i have the face for a pixie cut of any sort. A bob perhaps?

Wow it got late. Hopefully i’ll be in a better mood after some sleep. There are a number of other things bothering me, but there’s really no reason for me to write all this stuff out. Negative energy really just isn’t worth it. I think i need to start on my Oxford reading. Getting things done tends to make me feel better (and regardless of how i feel, it’s necessary).
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in which i continue to hash out social excursions

Okay, so after i wrote my reply to offbalance's comment on my NYC plans, it occurred to me that lilithchilde had said that that weekend (June 21/22) was looking best for her to come visit me. I assume you have to be back at work on Monday, so since i don't have housing in NYC until Sunday night anyway, maybe you could come that weekend after all and i can leave for NYC Monday morning, then leave NYC Thursday morning, have the afternoon to chill, and then work that evening. ("I have a cunning plan, sir.") And that means tranceballerina can arrive anytime Friday the 27 (or Saturday, whatever ends up working best for you).