June 6th, 2003

anime night

They say deaths come in 3s.

Last night i was a space cadet and therefore late to work. Then i came home and continued to be frustrated by the expense of travel (this time rail in England). I had anecdotes, a humorous blog post, and various musings. Instead of an average-sized post on all that and then some, though, you get the following.

Last night my dad got called and asked to sub for today. While on the phone he learned that Mrs. Reen, who works in the computer lab, her son (who graduated with me and whom i remember as being something of a jerk) drove his car into a tree less than a block from their house and died. Never have i wanted more to still be in the Norwood graduate loop. Turns out he lived just a few blocks away from one of the girls i’ve known since kindergarten. Explains why he always used to hassle her and another friend of mine who lived in the area. They’ve known each other since kindergarten and he never really grew out of the teasing-them stage. This a guy who’s my age. And to leave your house and see your son’s car, smashed into a tree, with his dead body in it. How much more horrible can you get?

I was debating going to the funeral. I mean, it’s not like we were friends. We went to the same elementary school and were near each other alphabetically, and he teased me sometimes. This is Norwood, and you know everyone’s gonna go the funeral. I’m not sure i can handle a litany of praise for this guy. (I’m having flashes of Speaker for the Dead here.) The funeral’s 11:30 on Tuesday and i’m working 9-5 that day, so decision’s made for me.

It made the front page of the Daily News Transcript. (Main story, additional piece by Chip Jama [whom i remember as one of the most immature people in my grade], and obituary [which my dad noticed doesn’t mention where -- Gillooly -- the wake is].) This shouldn’t have surprised me. It is Norwood after all. It looks like he turned into a decent guy, which makes his death a shame, but i’m still not gonna miss him much. I hear he and Katie Manley (another of my less than favorite people from high school) were still dating. Weird that the obituary lists her as a “dear friend” in the survived-by list in the obituary. Can’t they say “long-time girlfriend”? “Dear friend” makes a nice euphemism for a gay relationship, but i thought straight relationships, even those of teenagers, tended to get legitimated in mainstream papers.

I hadn’t realized he came from such a big family. And one of his older siblings had a baby who died ‘cause of the crib sheets 4 or 5 years ago, so his mom (Dan’s mom) now does work with a company that makes crib sheets that won’t some loose. Michele told me this when i was at the library today, saying it’s so horrible for a family to lose 2 young lives in such a relatively short period of time.

Hmm, no skid marks. My first thought when i heard about the crash was, of course, that he was somewhat inebriated (he was coming back from a party, after all), but one of the students my dad had today said he thought the car hydro-planed (I guess it was raining a lot at the time.).

I wanted to make everyone sit down on the sun-warmed pavement, arranging their bags and bundles round them, and turn to their neighbour to talk of this huge headline hanging over us. Who have you lost to death, who were you glad to see taken, and when do you think death might come for you? The brass band should be playing a triumphant funeral march, and the sun should be making skeleton shadows of our bodies on the gaps of pavement between the groups.
-Hood by Emma Donoghue
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you think you know...

Can't keep a good day down.

I was at CVS and met this guy Al, who’s decent looking but also about 30-looking, who asked me if i had e-mail. “Yeah,” i said warily, knowing where this was going. “Can I e-mail you sometime?” “No, i don’t think so.” And he was very nice, said okay, and let me go my merry way. It please me when things go like that. Then i may have been catcalled by a couple high school boys on my way out of the parking lot; i wasn’t really paying attention.

And i came home to a slew of e-mail, including this from Kate:
I know my girlfriend's nutty. You know my girlfriend's nutty. Hell, even my girlfriend knows that my girlfriend's nutty. Still, I promised her that I would ask:

Del wanted to know if you've ever been in a Big Gay Musical, because she had a dream that she was reading a magazine, and in the secret section of the magazine, in a box captioned by Kermit the Frog, there was an Amber Benson quote saying that you, Elizabeth, had been in a Big Gay Musical.

Yeah. So, have you?
Sadly, i have never been in a Big Gay Musical.

Also this:
Nevada brothel offers free sex to returning troops: "We want to feel patriotic and feel we are doing something for our servicemen. If we owned a Dairy Queen we would be giving away free ice cream, but ... we own the sex capital of the world. What better way is there to give back?" -proprietor Dennis Hof
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