June 7th, 2003

i fight fire with words


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In other news, i’m so tempted to get a new e-mail address and sign up for all those scary conservative Christian alert lists. Because their purpose is inciting people to activism, they’re really handy -- i just congratulate the people/companies they deplore and protest the people/companies they applaud.
anime night

This is how i live my life.

(This is the short version.)

I called Joe when i got out of work at 4. He had just left Puddingstone and was on his way to visit a friend in Quincy. He had my number at home, but this morning when he went to call me he learned that it was on his old cell phone. So i e-mailed him my # when i got home and hopefully we can get together late this week.

Did i mention that it was raining? He was talking on his cell phone, while driving, in the rain, on the highway. !!! The phrase "hydro-plane" kept running through my head. The sick thing is that on my way home i started thinking about how if he died it would be the first death to really affect me and i started thinking about what i would say at his funeral.

And yes i did walk home, in the rain. It's not like it was pouring. I like the rain.

(Remember this? I recently found this, and it always makes me want to cry.)
you think you know...

Stargate SG-1, 5:17 ("Failsafe")

"Bringing organization to a place it's never been - your garage."
-Rubbermaid commercial

OMG, Asgard=UN

O'Neill: I do this every day.
Spellman: That's because you don't understand just what happens to your body when you go through one of these things.
(on going through the Stargate)

Carter: Cut the red one.
O'Neill: They're all yellow.

O'Neill: I can see my house!
[Best "We need to act absolutely this second" line ever.]