June 15th, 2003

you think you know...

"And I'll talk in my sleep and you'll steal all the covers"

We went to the Mankins’ for dinner tonight -- chicken stir-fry. Annie’s mac&cheese shells for me. Lots of people at school have told me it’s great, but i’d never had it. It’s good, but honestly my favorite is still the from-a-box kind. It’s what i was raised on; what can i do? Strawberry shortcake for dessert. I don’t remember ice cream being included in the strawberry shortcake i’ve had in the past. Is yum.

Murphy reminds me of Sean at that age. Peru says he never wants him to grow up, wants him to just stay at this age. I just shook my head. I am all about the elementary school and up age range.

Big Fat Liar was, to my surprise, a very enjoyable movie.

laynamarya (and silvermousepad), i said “Word, yo,” umpteen times last night and thought of you. Was saying it a lot tonight, too.

During the car ride home someone mentioned the recent case about the Muslim woman who wanted to leave her veil on in her driver’s license photo. My brother said the whole wearing a veil thing was stupid. I pointed out that as a member of a religion which believes someone rose from the dead he’s on shaky ground calling parts of other religions “stupid.” This got us into a discussion on things one accepts on faith (he said there’s proof that Jesus rose from the dead, and i challenged him to find me documentation outside of the Gospels -- why do i doubt he’ll take me up on that?) and actual rules. Admittedly i was hard-pressed to come up with any rules in Christianity that aren’t Jewish or Catholic that one would call “stupid,” partly because i don’t think Protestant sects have many “rules” per se. Conversations like this remind me that my brother is still a teenager and that it’s a damn good thing teenagers don’t run the world. None of us know much about Islam or the Koran, so of course i had to look up the rationale around the veil when i got home. Good sites include this page (bottom-most section) and this page (which has a number of good links).
Nancy is a young woman who wears the head covering that many of my female African-America students wear. She once told me that she is not a religious Muslim. As a matter of fact, she is not a Muslim at all. She and a number of friends have decided to wear the head covering because they noticed that the boys do not hassle their Muslim classmates so much, but rather treated them with respect.
-from A White Teacher Talks About Race by Julie Landsman