June 27th, 2003

you think you know...

NYC 2003

Made it to the Brooklyn apartment no problem, impressing Kate. :) I have been here before, ya know, and the New York subway system is fairly user-friendly. New York itself is as well, at least inasmuch as most of it is a grid and the streets are numbered and there are street signs on all the corners and so on.

Met Jill, who’s cool and scores bonus points for saying that i have the best LJ name ever. :)

You know, i totally thought the Animatrix was an online thing like Ghosts of Albion. Is actually buyable. I was underwhelmed, but whatever. [edit: Okay, i wasn't wholly hallucinating. You can download 4/8 of the episodes here.]

Went to the Met on Tuesday. Took the C up to 86th Street and could have taken the M86 cross-town bus but decided to walk through Central Park. This was a mistake. Central Park is really big, there isn’t a nice straight path through, and i have a poor sense of direction. Probably 30 or 40 minutes later i ended up exactly where i started. So yeah, then i took the bus.

There’s a sign at the Met admissions desk asking visitors to please pay the full admission price (Admission prices are “suggested.”) and saying that the actual per-person cost per visitor is $34. o_o

I was underwhelmed by the Spanish influence on French painting exhibit. I think i don’t particularly like Spanish painting. At least not classical Spanish painting. They had John Singer Sargent’s Daughters of Edward Darley Boit and everyone was all over that and in my head i was all “We have that.” Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Whee!

I say Boo to the Goddess costume exhibit. “The exhibition presents clothing, prints, photographs, and decorative works of art, from the 18th century onward, to reveal the many ways in which classical dress has become a truly timeless style.” I would have been much more interested in an exhibit of how goddesses were depicted throughout history (clothing and body type as well as which goddesses get focused on and how they are depicted, i.e. portrait vs. action, etc.). Oh well.

Did the Met get a lot of new modern art or did i just not notice all this when i was here last summer?

Eighteenth and nineteenth century European painting and sculpture is still my favorite, because i am uncool like that. And we still have a better Monet collection than the Met. :)

I was going to go to the Frick but i was feeling art-ed out, so i just went to Union Square and sat in the park and read until it was time to meet everyone for dinner in front of Republic. Dinner was yum and it was lovely to see Sharon again. No Laura :(

Afterward we watched the SCA fighters of the Crown Province of Ostgardr in Union Square for a while and then headed to Virgin and then somewhere to get ice cream.

Sharon gave me a multi-part going-to-England gift. Travel bag complete with travel stuff, Access London, and a Bodleian Library mousepad. Now i don’t need to purchase a souvenir in England. :) (Mr. MacDonough was telling me that one should purchase a single item from each trip to as a tangible remembrance of the trip.)

Incidentally, my plan was to take a backpack and a small suitcase as carry-on on the plane, thereby skipping the hassle involved when one checks items underneath. Kate and Sharon say i should take as little as possible as carry-on because i will have no room as it is. Thoughts?

Wednesday i went to Greenwich Village, which i think is overrated. I mean, it was just like the rest of New York. I went into nearly every shoe store on 8th street and could not find platform Mary Janes like i wanted. I also learned that my idea of cheap is not other people’s idea of cheap. I found one pair of shoes that was close to what i wanted: priced at $118, i was offered $70; asked how much i wanted to spend i said no more than $40 thinking they were gonna throw me out on the street right then; i was offered $50, which is more like $55 with tax; i then learned that they were leather which gave me a nice excuse to not buy them (I don’t purchase leather, period, and while i could be convinced to spend $55 on a pair of shoes i loved and would wear a lot i was fond enough of these shoes to spend about $15 on them.)

After a few hours i headed back to the apartment. It was hot out and i was tired of traveling. It occurred to me sometime after i left NYC that while i have no problem doing touristy stuff on my own, i really prefer spending time with people just talking to doing touristy stuff (and also that i can only take so much touristy stuff in one fell swoop). Y’all need to come visit Boston.

I washed their dishes because they were bothering me. I would have cleaned the gross burners but that’s more of a wet paper towel activity than a sponge activity and i couldn’t find any paper towels. Yes i am so my mother’s daughter.

Does everyone who doesn’t have a dishwashing machine use sponges to wash their dishes? I need to learn how to make those mesh-knit squeegies my mom makes and sell them or something because they are so superior for washing dishes.

Note to self when getting first apartment, things that are important in an apartment include: cutlery, sufficient cabinets and shelves, a deep sink with enough counter space for a dish drainer and somewhere to put the washed-but-not-rinsed dishes, washing machine.

We ordered Chinese for dinner and i ordered way too much but Kate and Del were nice enough to let me take it home with me even though they’d paid for it.

I quite liked Spirited Away and say without shame that i really like Coyote Ugly though i have no Piper Perabo lust.

Here’s where i bitch about Greyhound. I have used them (or rather Peter Pan, which they bought) without problem quite a lot, but i think they’re gonna be getting lots of angry letters from all the people i was in line with Thursday morning.

My plan was to get the 11am out of Port Authority, arrive at South Station at 3:20, get the 4:10 out of South Station which gets into Norwood at 4:42, leaving me enough time to drop my stuff off at home, maybe get a bite to eat, and then get to work early since i hadn’t used the new system with the public yet.

I could have sworn there was a 10am to Boston, but even though i got to the gate at 10:15 there were about 25 people in front of me. A little after 11 they start boarding a bus, but it must have been already partially filled because when it left at 11:15 there were still about 10 people in front of me. Another bus starts boarding around 11:25 and i get on that one, which leaves around 11:40 and i’m fairly certain still leaves people in Port Authority because there were a lot of people behind me. This is the 11:30 bus which is scheduled to arrive at South Station at 4. I’ll be cutting it a bit close, but okay. I then learn that commercial buses are allowed to stop every 2 hours/150 miles. I don’t recall any driver taking advantage of that in my previous 3 times going between Boston and NYC, but whatever. I assume it’s factored into the travel time and i’m not gonna begrudge people rest stops. So around 3 we stop for a 10-minute-that-was-really-15-minutes stop in Willington, CT. Around ten of four we pass an exit for Worcester and i begin to give up any hope of making my 4:10 train. During the bus ride i have been planning out what i’ll do if i miss the 4:10, what i’ll say to Michele when i call her. At some point i remember that it’s rush hour so the trains will be running more frequently than every 2 hours. When do we actually arrive in South Station? Almost 5:00. I hurry to South Station, see a 5:10 Franklin-495 is boarding on Track 5 and make it with 5 minutes to spare. I go to work straight after arrival and make it there with enough time to call my dad and tell him i’m not dead before i have to start work at 6.

Now to catch up on 4+ days worth of LJ and e-mail. :)