July 14th, 2003

hermione by oatmilk


The heat has been making me sleepy. (Rooming on the third floor doesn't help either.) Someone this morning was saying she heard on the news it was the hottest (in London or England or something) it had been since 1978. It has yet to compare to New England misery, but the lovely 70F and dry of the early days here have certainly passed.

Apparently it's supposed to break on Wednesday. Thunderstorms the night we go to see open-air Tempest. Great.
you think you know...

quote stolen from obsessedmuch's LJ layout

"I believe in lust at first sight.
I also believe in love at first conversation."

In other news, the fact that i have writing skills has been reaffirmed.

My mother told me days ago, "Your writing skills make it easy to not talk to you because you describe things so well :)" and then today, Beth from the library (who's very jealous of my coming to England) responded to my update e-mail with the following:
Well, you definitely are going to write - it is so evident just from this intro to Oxford. Truly, Elizabeth, you have talent. It all sounds quite wonderful and yes, my tongue is hanging out which is not a pretty sight.
Enjoy every moment and keep up the good words.
*blushes* I heart her. [I heart my mom, too, of course, but i am reminded of that quite frequently.]