July 19th, 2003

anime night

Every time i travel i learn a little bit more about doing it.

And one of these days i'll stop sucking at it.

I'm not the type of person who sits down and cries, but if i were, i would have done so a number of times on Friday.

The short version is: There is something wrong with the fact that i left Oxford around 7am and arrived at Canterbury Cathedral around 5pm.

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I slept well, managed a morning shower, got free toast for breakfast, and wrote a lot (something i hadn't done yet that particular travel excursion) waiting for the shuttle, which got stuck in some insane traffic (I asked around 8:20; it was expected at 9; it arrived around 11.) and the nice Millennium Lodge guy was really nice and embarrassed/apologetic. Maybe i got it all out of my system yesterday, but i was very blasé about the whole thing, and everything ended up working out fine.

I saw some of the changing of the guard. And honestly, it's pretty boring. Is it cooler if you see the beginning? because i came in around the middle, watched for about 5 minutes, and then moved on.

Boston can get away with bad streets and few signs because it's relatively small, but London reminds me of NYC only no grid and few signs (endemic of all England). It's funny; sometimes there are street signs on nearly every corner, and there are lots of those black arrows to places of interest, and other times it's very fend for yourself territory. I managed to find both Sir John Soane's House Museum and the Tate without too much trouble, though, and i've definitely gotten the hang of the Underground. I was underwhelmed by both and am glad to be back "home." [The first room i walked into was the Making British History room, and that was the best. Waterhouse's Lady of Shallot. Sargent's Lady Macbeth. Sargent's Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose (which i could have sworn the MFA had) was somewhere else, but that was also a highlight. There was some really great stuff in some of the other rooms, but generally, like i said, underwhelmed. The title of the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibit -- If One Thing Matters, Everything Matters -- makes me want to check it out, but every time i view modern art i am reminded that i much prefer the "classic" painters (Monet, Sargent, etc.). And £4?]

I've taken a good amount of pictures and will probably take more, but it was occurring to me that i took almost no pictures in London and why that is. People take pictures as remembrances of where they've been as well as to tell the story of their travels. The classic pictures can be found in any book and say nothing about my trip. What's important to me and unique to my trip is the stories. That's why every time i start thinking about the scrapbook i want to do it's full of text and not so many pictures.