July 23rd, 2003

you think you know...


I think since i've been here i've lost weight and my hair has lightened somewhat. I'm not entirely sure on either count, though. I also think today i finally mastered showering here so that my hair doesn't feel sticky and gross. I'm considering getting blond highlights this winter. Thoughts?

Still ficcing. jacklemmon has gotten me thinking about Buffy/Tara. Have been thinking about purchasing a domain. Suggestions as to where/how to do that cheapest and most reliably?

The remaining schoolwork i have to do (one presentation and two papers) seem doable, like i actually have ideas and stuff. So i'm trying to force myself to work on them and not do more fic work. The "presentation" is tomorrow and one paper is due next Tuesday. If i can finish the later paper (due at the end of the program) early i can fic to my heart's content guilt-free. (I miss having all my stuff together, like a computer with Internet access and all my files on it in my own room, but there's something to be said for having few distractions -- friends online at the same time, a wonderful public library, etc. -- to make you actually do work.)

Really should pull myself out of this lethargy and talk to Mandy about doing stuff together and then figure out exactly what i'm doing the remaining weekends here. (Hard to believe the program is nearly half-over.) I'll probably look for her late this afternoon because i don't really know what her class schedule is like.
hermione by oatmilk

"Point. Quote. Comment."

I think i should put that (among other things) on a sign above my desk at school. I get the same suggestions on essays every time, and i really should make more of an effort to have said suggestions in my consciousness when i'm writing. She suggested numerous instances where i could have elaborated. I would like to point out that the essay was supposed to be approximately 2500 words and mine was 2600+. This whole longer-than-required in a school essay thing is nearly unheard of for me, a girl whose essays are usually approximately half the stipulated length. Insistent on pushing us, she didn't give me an A, but she thought it was very good and that i'm very much A-quality. Yay.