July 28th, 2003

hermione by oatmilk

Am i turning responsible or something?

So, my Black Britain paper was finished Sunday night, partly because Sulgrave Manor was this afternoon. Kara, who did not partake of the Manor trip but who has the same class schedule i do (11am class tomorrow, followed directly by the Black Britain class) started her paper around 7pm tonight. Though some people do really well under pressure (i am so not one of those people) and it's not necessarily a good thing per se that i need to start working on an essay days in advance for it to be any good (though knowing how i operate at Smith, beginning essays days in advance is a really good habit for me to get into).

Sulgrave Manor was okay. Has a Colonial Williamsburg thing going on. One of George Washington's ancestors built it. Ironically (given who George Washington turned out to be) he fled to America because during the English Civil War he was on the Royalist side (which lost). So there's this whole George Washington exhibit section, which is odd because he never actually lived there. In one of the exhibits we pressed a button and a History Channel piece came on and one of the guys said, "This is how we learn in America" as we all laughed and sat down.

Saw a big brown Welcome to Northampton: Rose of the Shires on the way there, which i didn't get a picture of as it came up too fast. Boo. Lots of pictures from this trip are gonna be in my head alone.

Oh, forgot to mention that i saw Bend it Like Beckham Friday night. Was good, though not as good as it was hyped up to be. A movie called BEND it Like Beckham should contain more queerness, but i squeed sufficiently. Jess's character development was believeable Collapse )

Have been writing heaps of bad smut, but a conversation with Sharon prompted this [an Angel/Sandman crossover drabble], which is not smut, and may or may not be any good.

Interesting post (and comments) on the stigma of male bisexuality. Knowing so few males i'm in no position to comment. One of the commenters brought up the stigma of female masturbators, which i definitely thinks a lengthy treatment by someone at some point because i've found that there's definitely a stigma there, that most women either won't admit to doing it or don't do it at all (i find the latter hard to believe, but them i always have to remind myself that i live in some sort of parallel universe as far as most everything is concerned).

Writing fic recently i was thinking about much i'm influenced by what i read, how things like self-injury or destructive sex become themes because of who/what i surround myself with. I was also thinking about how i've been reading LJ discusions about the logistics/realism of (sexually explicit) slash and how i've also soaked that up like a sponge and how that's added to the realism/complexity of my fic, how it becomes more about relationships and not just about any two [insert gender or genders of your choice here] fucking. (I'm thinking particularly of this post and ensuing comment discussion.)

Yes, this is my journal wherein i am obviously becoming okay with posting things that are not fully thought out like essays and which only loosely fit together.