August 13th, 2003

i fight fire with words

Paper due date got moved to Thursday, yay.

So, my first reaction to Cate's e-mail was "Of course!" and my second reaction was "I'm already doing so much stuff, how would i have time to do this as well?" I vowed to wait 24 hours before e-mailing her back and posted it for feedback (and to wallow in the ego-boosting comments i knew i would get ;) ). About a half an hour after i posted it i knew i wanted it, though i waited until just now to tell her so. The idea of getting to be a mature and reasoned voice, which leans to the right no less, in The Sophian is irresistible. And i already do sociopolitcal thinking in my LJ, so it's not like it would be a great amount of extra time and effort. (And thanks to other people, it's beginning to sink in that i will have my own column, my name as a byline, all that, and omg how awesome is that.)

The letter i wrote responding to an article of Cate's basically tore her article apart briefly (if i remember correctly -- i know i always found her pieces, like so much of The Sophian, to be immature in tone and often not well-reasoned), so i was very surprised that i got offered a column; she wins some definite respect from me for that.

I am insanely excited by this and will somehow manage to focus on my (half-done) Robinson Crusoe paper for the next 24 hours or so.