September 15th, 2003

hermione by oatmilk

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So, i read the smithies friendspage, and i've been reading about some woman with an Afro-Caribbean accent calling Smithies and it's this long thing which ends up asking for your credit card number or Social Security Number or something. I remember last year a woman from some weird business thing called and it was this long thing which ended similarly. I have yet to be woken up by the Whispering Woman, but just now my phone rang and i was hopeful because it was the off-campus ring and i'm expecting a number of people to call, but it was a female voice with an Afro-Caribbean accent: "[something unintelligible] You go to Smith College, correct?" "Yes, but I'm afraid I'm not interested, so I'll let you get on to your next person" take a breath while hanging up the phone. I learned well from my father how to deal with unwanted mass callings.