October 25th, 2003


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Could i just go to lectures, forums, film screenings, and workshops all the time?

I'd be willing to attend classes as well, it's just that i don't have time to do the work for said classes.

Spanish paper.
Logic homework.
Harlem Renaissance reading.
Catch up on econ reading so i actually really understand what we're doing.
Sophian article.

I spent 3 hours at Buddhism talks. Tomorrow i'm going to Affirmation Sundy service at the chapel and a related lecture at 4:30. In the evening there's a trans workshop at Morris followed by weekly TANGENT meeting. The Democratic Paty Presidential Candidate Debate is tomorrow night as well.

I want to finish my ever-longer LJ update as well as post about lots of issues in the news and talks i've been to and so on.

There's never enough time, and the fact that i still haven't learned how to focus well doesn't help.
hermione by oatmilk

abusing the intelligence pool that is my friendslist

My pieces are in quotes, editor comments in italics.

"If Smith were truly concerned about a diversity of points of view, wouldn't it be seeking out students whose politics lean toward the conservative end of the spectrum? Sure, Smith has a reputation as a liberal if not radical institution, but many places have reputations for being full of rich white people and are trying to change those reputations."
Not quite sure I follow. Many places like where? Many colleges? Are the rich whit epeople trying to change this, or others?"

"Just as people with different class backgrounds or who have lived through different time periods can offer valuable new insights into issues, particularly in classes such as sociology or government, so too can people with different political leanings. Smith encourages debate, but this debate is often circumscribed by the limited scope of political opinion on campus."
This makes it sound like all the Adas have lived through the Great Depression. Perhaps focus on the personal experience aspect of their uniqueness rather than emphasizing the generational.

"A full education requires a variety of perspectives; by minimizing the presence of conservative voices on campus, Smith College does all its students a disservice."
Good point, however, I think there are many conservatives on campus who are simply intimidated and afraid to voice their opinions as enthusiastically as their more abundant liberal counterparts.

Suggestions anyone? Edits due 6pm tonight (Sunday night).