October 29th, 2003

i do it for the joy it brings


Okay, so the other day i private-posted angst. Joe and i have barely been in contact for ages, due largely to the fact that we are both insanely busy, i'm never signed on to AIM, he has fallen off of LiveJournal, and then before that was the summer when i was out of the country.

I had written him an e-mail a while back and though i knew intellectually that i wasn't being a bitch, not hearing from him made me wonder if he were mad at me. In one of my rare AIM sessions i left him a message. That was a couple weeks ago. The other night i decided to call him. I left a message on his cell and told myself i would quit stressing about it, that we were just both supremely busy and i knew from 2 years of experience that he didn't hate me or anything.

So ten minutes ago he calls me. His cell rarely gets service [which would explain why his voice mail picked up after one ring] but it did just then and he got my message and he called me on the walk over to his bf's. He's not mad at me, hasn't had time to respond to any e-mail that isn't work-related, always has his AIM minimized. We chatted briefly and he said he would make it a point to be in touch with me soon. I told him it was really sweet that he called me and that he's off the hook until Winter Break, because we both know he won't have the time to be in touch.

It was good to hear his voice. It's tempting to IM him sometime, but i'd really rather just have a real conversation. I want to be in touch over Winter Break.

But it's really good to hear from him. Not like we actually resolved anything (there really isn't that much to resolve) but just to know that we're normal and that we're both uber-busy and it's fine... it's good to not have that stress/angst.

I have enough to worry about without stressing over nonexistent stuff. Speaking of... back to work.
you think you know...


Point one: This.
Point two: antheia says "You are far too even minded. It's alarming."
Point three: My daddy is the bestest.
Point four: Stacey. Always.
Point five: Cate = so not mad at me. Best news i've had all day.
i do it for the joy it brings

happy spammy goodness

E-mail from my Spanish prof re: my outline:

Querida Elizabeth: El planteo de tu trabajo ( y la estructuracion), ambos, me parecen excelentes. Continua por ese camino. Vas muy bien.