October 30th, 2003

hermione by oatmilk

Still hott.

I have plenty of my own work to be doing, but honestly i really like editing other people's papers, and it makes me happy that other people think my doing so is helpful to them.

Got an e-mail from Lauren Wolfe (President of the Smith Democrats) this morning about my Sophian column. Yay to superfast response. She wants to work toward more political diversity on campus, and i e-mailed Anna Rule wondering what happened with Women For Freedom.

Margi suggested e-mailing SFS re: the no hiring of Smith grads policy, saying "I'll be interested to hear what you learn," so i did, querying about such details as "Does the graduate have to wait a year after graduation before applying to for a job at Smith? Does she need to have one full-time job under her belt?" We shall see. Margi also said, "And with the current hiring freeze at Smith, I know I won't be in a position to hire anyone for a while . . . " *sighs*

My Spanish paper is just over 4 pages (is supposed to be 5-6) but i have some other things i want to work in that just didn't get in because my brain was getting tired, but i'm taking a day off from the poem starting when i handed in my rough draft, so i should be refreshed and ready to weave in these other images, allusions, and ideas.
hermione by oatmilk

I love how quickly people respond to their e-mail.

Valerie Schumacher of SFS sent me to Human Resources. There, Sheli Galipo forwarded my inquiry to staffing specialist Serena Harris. Valerie suspected that Margi was thinking of the policy that "graduated seniors cannot be hired to continue at
a student job during the summer" and the final word from Serena is:
Graduated seniors cannot be hired to continue at a student job during the summer unless it is approved by the Controller of the college. There is no such policy barring just graduated seniors for applying for regular Smith jobs.