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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Monday, November 3rd, 2003

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Using LJ as messageboard because i'm never on AIM.
Dear Jonah,

Your e-mail is broken.

A friend of mine mentioned this and i thought of you. Well, i thought of me first :) but it's for high school seniors.


P.S. If you ever wanna talk, e-mail me and if i'm at my computer i'll probably see the e-mail and sign on. [This goes for everyone, actually.]

Also, while i'm making announcements: http://www.livejournal.com/users/news/72473.html
My computer hates me more than usual recently and i don't know why.

So, LJ finally implemented the whole paid users can purchase space for 10 more icons thing and there was much rejoicing. They just now announced that hey, why not bump the limit up from 20 to... 50.

*picks jaw up off floor*

*mops up puddle of drool*

*watches LJ servers crash* cynic, me? ;)

This may mean the return of buffy_icons to my friendslist.

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