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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Thursday, November 6th, 2003

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editorial #5
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Scientific sexuality study has sinister overtones.

The Sophian
November 6, 2003

Opinion/Editorial (page 9)

Not Elsewhere Classified

My title was: Question: Sexuality. Answer: Science?Collapse )
*dies of the incestousness*
OMG, she's that Amanda? Wow how people change. And yes, the incestous voyeur factor of LJ and my hometown are both real high. Keeping tabs on people while not keeping tabs on people... so bizarre. I totally love it, though.

Also, Hampshire's Queer in Culture conflicts with Betsey's Fairy Tales and Gender class (Hamp is 2-3:20 and Betsey's is 1-2:50), which makes me sad. But From Grimms to Disney at UMass 4-5:15 TR? *dies* Errands tomorrow now include swinging by College Hall to hopefully obtain 5-College registration thingy. Must e-mail Doug to get registration code as well.

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