November 17th, 2003

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Today was the first day i was really engaged throughout the entire class in econ. Dude, this is why i'm taking this class (and why i'm taking macro next semester) -- learning how the world works is fascinating.

Thusly, since it seems appropriate to post here, here's what i'm taking next semester. 4 English classes on Tuesday/Thursday and Intro Macro Econ MWF mornings. I know it'll be insane, but i think it'll be a better insane than this semester. I'm really excited about a majority of the classes, and there won't be any "this is cross-listed with English but isn't actually a literature class" and it'll all be in English and i get some of my favorite profesors again.

ECO 153 Introductory Macroeconomics (Randy Bartlett) MWF 9-9:50
ENG 281 Modern American Poetry (Michael Thurston) TR 9-10:20
ENG 261 What Jane Austen Read: The Eighteenth-Century Novel (Doug Patey) TR 10:30-11:50
CLT 235 Fairy Tales and Gender (Betsey Harries) TR 1-2:50
[UMass] German 270 [conducted in English; i checked] From Grimms to Disney (Susan L. Cocalis) TR 4-5:15